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An Evony Ghosting Guide

An Evony ghosting guide, for players who want to learn what ghosting is, how to actually do it, and more tips about using this maneuver.

This is an Evony ghosting guide, for players who want to learn what ghosting is, how to actually do it, and more tips about using this battle maneuver.

Table of Contents:

  1. What Is Ghosting?
  2. How Do I Ghost?
  3. More Tips

What Is Ghosting?

Ghosting is battle tactic that will hide your troops in such a way that they will not defend your city.

It grants you a safe method of dropping your truce agreement “bubble” ā€“ useful when performing actions that require you to be unbubbled.

I don’t know exactly where the name came from, but maybe…

  • It’s because your troops become “ghosts” in a sense. You still have them, and they’re still under your control, but they won’t interact with enemy players.
  • It’s because there are no visual indicators when you are ghosting. It’s invisible and undetectable unless somebody scouts or attacks you.

It’s an essential tool for players who have any interest whatsoever in PvP.

How Do I Ghost?

Preparation checklist. Make sure…
  1. Sub cities are unlinked
  2. Resources are low enough to be protected
  3. Stamina is high
  4. Two low level monsters or inactive cities are bookmarked

Then, teleport to your desired location.

Declare War or start an Alliance Rally with the troops you want to hide. I suggest ghosting your main attacking preset FIRST.

60 Minute Rally

Repeat the process until all your troops are busy on rallies. Use 60 minute rallies to ensure they don’t end anytime soon. Some people like to make their main attacking preset a 30 minute rally to easily identifiable.

Ghost Zombie 3

When your troops are in Rally Preparation mode, they can’t participate in other battles. If you get attacked, they will be busy and won’t help defend.

If you followed the preparation checklist and ghosted all your troops, then it won’t matter when a player comes to attack you. You will lose nothing.

You can’t teleport while you are ghosted. You have to end the rallies first. Do this by clicking all of those blue arrows in the last screenshot.

Danger: If somebody force teleports you by attacking your city numerous times, it will cancel all your rallies. They may even use an arrest warrant to follow you. If you start to get attacked a lot in a row, be prepared to bubble when you get moved.


If you cannot fit all your troops into your maximum amount of rallies, then ghosting is not for you. For example, if you have 2 million troops and a march size of 300,000.

I highly recommend backing off on building troops and working on upgrading your keep and march size.

More Tips

Battle can be stressful ā€“ prepare in advance

Make sure you follow the preparation checklist every time.

Subs, resources, stamina, bookmarks.

It’s very annoying to have all your sub generals get killed with an attack, and realize you forgot to unlink your subs. Or to notice you are losing 60 million resources with every attack. Or worst of all, see that the monster you were planning to ghost with has disappeared and you have to panic scroll the map to find a new one.

Panic leads to mistakes. Always have a plan and a backup plan. Know what you’re trying to achieve, have an exit plan, and have a backup plan for when somebody tries to forceport you.

Ghost before dropping your bubble

If you ghost everything before dropping your bubble, then you are never really in danger. You can freely scout and take things slowly.

To do this, you have to ghost on monsters, because ghosting on players will kill your bubble.

This tactic even works on the enemy server, because you can utilize the 5-minute safety bubble.

If you decide to unghost a rally and attack…

On our own server, you have the option to bubble while your troops are marching back home, before they arrive. This means you can attack on our server without ever being vulnerable.

On the enemy server in Server War, or in Battlefield, you cannot bubble. Your only defense is to quickly ghost those troops the moment they come back into your city.

The best way to do this is by waiting right here on this screen.

60 Minute Rally

Watch your troops as they return home, and hit this button as soon as you see they have arrived. Quickly go through the screens to start the rally.

If you’re really quick, you should be able to do this in under a second, making it very difficult for an enemy to accurately time and kill your return march.

Quick, advanced players ā€“ Ghost on your target

It saves time and stamina.

When you teleport anywhere, you have a guaranteed safe 4-6 seconds. That’s the time it would take someone skilled to warrant, follow, and attack you.

That should be enough to send your scout and immediately ghost your (hopefully) 2-3 rallies. When you don’t have to mess around in bookmarks, you have less screens to click through and can be much faster.

Careful. If you mess up, there might be big consequences.

Also make sure that when you cancel those rallies to bubble up or leave in a big hurry, because somebody from the enemy alliance could be watching and waiting for those rallies to end.

Baiting for a teammate

A lot of people don’t understand ghosting, or even if they do, they might think that you don’t understand ghosting. They may fall for a trick.

Let’s say it’s Server War, and you want to have some fun.

You can go to the enemy server and ghost and basically pretend like you’re an idiot. Get creative with it:

  • Send small marches (like a few hundred troops) at small monsters
  • Send a few troops into the temples
  • Go into enemy hives and start scouting people
  • Attack their alliance city with a few troops

Meanwhile you can notify a big strong ally of yours to watch the action… They could be ready to swoop in and attack unsuspecting players who fall for your tricks and unbubble themselves.

17 replies on “An Evony Ghosting Guide”

It sounds very interesting.But I will need to reread it many times before I understand it fully.
Need to practice many time . Can I practice in my own server??

Great information. I’d love a detailed guide on scoring during SVS. I think for the sub K33 players who would be interested in going boss hunting on the opposing server, it would be fun to know how to do it without getting burned down.

Hey, I do plan on expanding the “Battle Guide Part 2” on this website to include information about SvS strategy and more.

As to that specific idea… If you go to the enemy server, and your bubble expires, you will be burned to a crisp. Or should be. There’s really no way around it. The best you can do is ghost as fast as you can when your march returns, and hope the enemy makes a mistake and misses your march.

I’m not a big believer in k32 going over and killing monsters, unless they get back home before their 5 minute bubble is up. Those are the types of players I hunt nonstop. Easiest points there are.

I would love to be on your mailing list.. GREAT info here… I’m hoping the noobs in my alliance read and apply these tactics and tricks.. use your guides, and grow… thank you so much for this info…

Thanks! No mailing list right now. I am too lazy to even come out with new posts on a semi-regular basis!

Nice guide indeed. I am still growing and my SvS experience is really humble, however I want to share my observations from the last one.
Had my ghosting targets bookmarked, my hit targets as well, went to the hive, ghosted properly… Hit my targets, ghosted… What was new for me is that the enemy was experienced and contraghosted on me, later I realized that this way, they can see when I recall the marches back. What went wrong is that, when I was ready to port back, I recalled my marches and stupid server lag said “teleport failed” and that was twice. Lucky for me I managed to ghost all my four marches, before they hit me again. Had to wait for the fire the eat up my wall hp, and I was force ported in natural way…
Thanks for reading šŸ™‚

Lag can be an absolutely devastating experience during svs. Especially if you are bold enough to go to the enemy server, you can get royally screwed.

You’re right about them being able to see your ghost, if you ghost against their buildings. I suggest finding and bookmarking an inactive, unaligned keep on their server.

You are doing a great job on this guide.
I love how you explain things, without talking down to the reader.
I have made your site a must read for my alliance.
I have been playing for years and even I have learned new things.

I absolutely love your blog.. Very nice colors & theme. Did you make this website yourself? Please reply back as Iā€™m attempting to create my own site and would like to learn where you got this from or what the theme is called. Cheers!

Hi, thanks for the compliment! This is pretty much the most basic possible wordpress website, using the default included theme called Twenty Twenty. I only use posts (not static pages), and I use the block editor to make things easy.

There are options somewhere for selecting your color scheme and adding your own logo. I’m not really an expert, but it was pretty easy to figure out once I got going. Hope that helps.

Hey there!
What can I say? Awesome guide!
After reading all, I think my 5 Jindeoks will probably report me for gather exploration…
We won the last SvS by doing that, our K25/k27 were driving nuts everybody taking temples and attacking shitty keep, while the big guns were burning everybody that was attacking them…
Looking forward for updates, and waiting your answer for my other comment about defense.
Thank you!!

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