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The Comprehensive Evony General Guide

An Evony Generals Guide, for players who want to find out the best generals are, learn how to use them, and learn how to build them to their ultimate potential.

An Evony General Guide, for players who want to find out the best generals are, learn how to use them, and learn how to build them to their ultimate potential. Including equipment selection and refining.

Table of Contents:

  1. The List
  2. The Basics
  3. Where to Obtain Generals
  4. Roles for Generals
  5. Skills
  6. Equipment
  7. Refining

1) The List (Best Generals)

Here is the list, all by itself. The culture is stated so that you can easily reference the general in the portrait section of your tavern.

Explanations are later in this guide for those who are interested.

For Growing – Go for these ASAP
1. Baibars (Arabia) (aim for 4 copies!)
2. Queen Jindeok (Korea) (aim for 5 copies!)
3. Shajar al-Durr (Arabia) (a wall general that gives free resources, but don’t drop that bubble!)
4. Nathanael Greene (Alternative to Baibars if stamina is a concern. Add Luck Skill.)
5. Cleopatra (Arabia, purple)
6. “Free Purple 15% Gathering Boost General”
7. Princess Lucy
For Leading Mounted Troops
1. Roland (Europe)
2. Hannibal (Other)
3. Martinus (Other)
4. Ulysses S. Grant (America)

Best in Tavern: Takeda Shingen (Japan)

For Leading Ranged Troops
1. Simeon the Great (Europe)
2. Alfred the Great (Europe)
3. Elektra (Other)
4. Minamoto no Yoshitsune (Japan)

Best in Tavern: Li Shimin (China)

For Leading Ground Troops
1. Scipio Africanus (Europe)
2. Trajan (Other)

Best in Tavern: Trajan (Other)

For Leading Siege Troops
1. Napoleon (Europe)
2. Ulysses S. Grant (America)
3. Emperor Qin Shihuang (China)

Best in Tavern: Emperor Qin Shihuang (China)

For the Wall (City Defense)
1. Joseph E. Johnston (ranged and siege) (America)
2. Tran Hung Dao (siege and ground) (Other)
3. Ulysses S. Grant (siege and mounted) (America)
4. Zachary Taylor (ranged) (America)
Special Mention: Richard the Lionheart (hospital size) (Europe)

Note on Richard: Defending is honestly not really viable until about K33 with about 200+ million power worth of troops. Before that, any player 1-2 keep levels higher than you can easily cut through you. So, Richard is an excellent choice to sit on the wall in case you drop your bubble or make some other mistake and get hit. He will at least save more of your troops from dying.

Best in Tavern: Tran for big cities. If you’re smaller, then probably Ly Thuong Kiet (Other)… since you are probably more archer-heavy compared to siege

For Sub-City
1. Jester (Other)
2. Harald (Europe)
3. Arminius (Europe)
4. Cnut the Great (Europe)
5. Empress Dowager Cixi (Other)
6. Andrew Jackson (America)
7. Nero (Europe), Margaret I (Europe), Mansa Musa (Other)
8. Everything else that has a skill of (- %) enemy (hp/atk/def)

Best in Tavern: Cixi (Other) or Andrew (America)

Notably absent: All those generals that give 75% gold production in sub, sub training speed, etc. These guys are terrible. Absolutely terrible. Forget them.

Important note: The order of this list changes quite a bit as you reach K33+ and begin covering your sub generals in debuff gear. Given that debuffs are limited to reducing enemy stats by HALF, certain stats become more important. In particular, Andrew Jackson is surprisingly good, while Arminius loses effectiveness (because he targets stats that are easy to debuff).

For Building Duty
These generals give a small bonus when they’re placed on duty in certain areas. They are great, because they are better than nothing and have no substitute.

Archer Camp – John I of Portugal (Europe)
Stables – Oleg of Novgorod (Russia)
Barracks – Abd al-Rahman I (Arabia)
Workshop – Gwon Ryul (Korea)
Trap Factory – Askia Muhammad I (Arabia)
Hospital – Skandenbeg (Europe)
Rally Spot – Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Japan)
Archer Tower – Ban Chao (China)
Academy – Eulji Mundeok (Korea)
Keep – Menshikov (Russia)

None of these are available in the tavern.

2) The Basics

Here are 3 sample generals. Let’s look at what makes them unique.

Border Color – This represents the quality. Gold is the best. After that you have purple, blue, green, and white. Don’t invest much time/gold/gems into anything below gold. It’s not worth it.

Historic Status – This is denoted by the “helmet” icon in the top-left of the portrait (or the lack of one). Do not bother with any non-historic generals. Honestly they are so bad. No exceptions.

Personal Skill – Only Historic generals have a built-in skill. Non-historic generals (like the first example) get NOTHING. They’re stuck with only 3 skills. Avoid non-historic generals always. But even among historic generals, only a small handful have a skill that’s any good.

Specialties – Non-Historic Generals get 3 specialties. Historic generals get 4 specialties. Historic Generals skill and specialties typically follow a cohesive theme. Like the above example, Elektra, whose stuff all improves ranged fighting stats. Note that specialties are incredibly costly to unlock. They cost runestones. And you will perhaps have enough runestones to fully unlock ONE general’s specialties if you reach K35. So choose wisely.

Base Power – This is essentially a summary of the stats for easy comparison. Later, things like levels and equipment will increase the power associated with your generals.

Stats – The attack, defense, leadership, and politics stats contribute to the general’s fighting power and more. The number on the left side of the arrow represents the stat’s base value, while the number on the other side represents the stat’s growth-per-level.

Gold Historic generals have superior stats and stat growths, and therefore much better potential. Notice how the stats of the example purple historic and gold non-historic generals are much weaker, compared to Elektra.

Leadership – Improves troop HP and March Speed
Attack – Improves troop Attack
Defense – Improves troop Defense
Politics – Improves troop Death-to-Wounded and Gathering Speed

Perceptive readers may notice this information is all found on the screen where you Cultivate a general.

3) Where Do Generals Come From?

Short answer: There are Free generals available in the tavern all the time, and Premium generals available when you buy $100 packs.

There are a few other methods to get Premium generals that I’ll cover in this section.

The strongest generals are premium, but that doesn’t mean every premium general is strong.

The Tavern

After level 18 Tavern, they can appear for purchase, for a hefty gold cost. Somewhere around 20m-42m for the good ones. Supposedly, the higher level your tavern, the more often they appear… but it’s hard to tell. I’ve never heard of gold historic generals appearing in level 17 and below taverns.

You can refresh the tavern lineup for 50 gems. This is actually a good plan, once you have enough gold! It’s better to spend a few 1000 gems shopping for a great general, than be stuck with mediocre ones that will need to be replaced and discarded someday. Before doing this a lot, I do suggest trying to push your tavern in levels a bit. The tavern description says, “upgrade your tavern to increase the chance of recruiting higher quality generals.” It’s sort of hard to tell if it’s true, but it probably is. It shouldn’t be too difficult to reach Lv21 or 22 before shopping for a general.

Note that certain generals are not found in the tavern, as seen in their portrait info – Tavern -> Recruit -> Portraits). These generals must be obtained from Events, Challenges, or Packs.

Blue – Summary of generals currently available for purchase. The spiky icon means “historic general”
Red – 50 gems can refresh the lineup.
Green – (Left) Click Portrait to view portraits of all generals. (Right) Some generals are identified as being “unavailable in tavern” – you will only be able to find these with the other methods.

Events and Challenges

Watch for events and read them all – you should be doing this anyway! You get tons of amazing things for doing events, but this will be a whole other guide.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty uncommon and difficult to get a general from an event. One example though, is getting Mehmed II by completing all of the Kings Path challenges, or getting the same guy as a royal thief chest drop.

Battlefield Shop

Battlefield Shop

This is great! Sometimes generals (in the form of a random scroll) are available for purchase here at the cost of 6000 Dragon Crystals or 2000 Badges. (Note: I feel like I remember seeing other prices here when I was lower level, like 4000 dragon crystals. At K35 I consistently see these prices. If anyone sees other prices, please leave a comment.)

You might have other plans for the items first… Badges are needed to upgrade Dragon (Lv27) gear to Ares (Lv30) gear. Dragon Crystals are needed to lock in stats when refining your dragon(s).

Regardless, this means that if you regularly play in the BoC/BoG events, you can afford a new general every so often. Without spending real cash.

I do NOT recommend buying anything from this shop except for generals. It is all extremely bad value.

Great General Chest & Puzzle Pieces

Great General Chest

IMPORTANT: Because of this feature, non-coining players no longer have to settle for investing in a “Best in Tavern” general. Sooner or later, all of us will realistically get one of the top tier premium fighting generals like Martinus, or Minamoto. Keep this in mind before spending all your gems building up a Takeda!

The Great General Chest and puzzle pieces are new and very welcome additions to the game. The chest can be opened once every two days for free, and once every single day if you reach 145 Daily Activity Points.

You might get puzzle pieces from the chest. 30 pieces can be composed into a general. You will never get a general this way unless you play for 5 years.

Except, you also get a daily puzzle piece in your gems area (and you can see the little chest waiting at the top-right of your screen when it’s available. It seems they offer the same piece for about 30 days in a row, which means you’ll certainly get a general this way if you collect every day. A new one every month!

You also have a low chance (about 3%) of getting an entire general from the Great General Chest, rather than a puzzle piece. This is straight up amazing. If I have those odds right, that’s a little better than one per month. And they can be “unavailable in tavern” generals.

4) What Roles Can Generals Be Used For?

Remember this part?

General Roles

These categories are separate from each other, because generals in them fulfill different purposes, or roles.

For Growing

Generals here will get you more stuff. Which is obviously super important if you plan on getting higher level and stronger.

Baibars (Arabia) and Queen Jindeok (Korea) are the king and queen of this category. They are, in my opinion, the most important generals in this game by far.

Baibars comes with a wonderful skill that gives 25% chance of double items from monster battles. This even includes when he joins another player’s battle with 1 troop. You will want 3-4 copies of Baibars, each wearing a King’s Ring or Dragon Ring that adds even more % double item chance. There is no need to level up or add stars to your Baibars, unless you want to use them to lead boss rallies (which honestly isn’t a bad idea at all). You can give him march speed and monster march speed skills, to help him join and return from rallies more quickly.

Queen Jindeok has another wonderful skill that brings back 40% extra resources when gathering. You will want 5 copies for sure, so that you can gather with 5 marches while you are not playing. I also recommend gathering with a few marches while you are playing. It’s a reliable and quick way to get resources. It is good to level up Jindeok, give her stars, and cultivate her Politics stat. Politics is a direct contributor to gathering speed. The other stats do not matter for the role she fulfills. You can also add 3 of the 4 gathering speed skills (food/lumber/stone/ore). You may want to vary the skillsets, because you’ll need all resources eventually.

Shajar al-Durr is a Premium general, so she is hard to obtain. If you are lucky enough to get her, keep her on the wall for a hefty resource production bonus. Make sure to keep your bubble up, because she’s not designed to take a hit! Switch to your regular defense general when it’s time for PvP.

Amir Timur (Arabia) is another guy who fits better here in the growth category than anywhere else. He is not essential like Baibars and Jindeok, but it might be useful to have 1 copy. He is the best general for Troop Load.

Note: Troop Load helps with two things:

1) It lets you gather larger amounts with fewer troops (although it’s important to note: not any faster). This is mostly helpful for small accounts without many troops.

2) It lets you steal more resources from players when you defeat them in battle. This helps clear out players that are holding a lot of loot, with fewer attacks. Reducing the time you need to stay

Viable Substitutes

Cleopatra (Other) is basically a mini-Baibars, with 20% double drop chance instead of 25%. She can do the trick until you collect all your Baibars. So can any general with an added Lv4 Luck skill book (for 17%) drop chance.

Princess Lucy (Other) and the free purple general (maybe named Belesarius, Tariq ibn Ziyad, or something else) give benefits to gathering. You can also use your best fighter(s), or any other general with a high Politics stat.

Atilla (Other) is a lesser version of Amir Timur.

And that pretty much covers it for growth-related generals. Aren’t they great? Onward.

For Leading Attack Marches

This section will cover all 4 troop types: Ground, Ranged, Mounted, and Siege. This all boils down to selecting your main fighting general.

Pick one troop type and fighting general to work on at a time. Most people are good with one until K33 or so. This general should get the bulk of your investment… and your love! 🙂

Note: The reason I suggest that you stick to 1 main fighting general for a long time, is because as you advance to higher keep levels it gets incredibly expensive to buy all the research, all the buildings, and all the troops required to fill a march.

To give you a ballpark estimate, to build a full K32 troop march it would take something like… 25-30 billion resources, 15,000-20,000 research stones, 2-3 billion gold, and 15,000-20,000 days of speedups.

Now imagine trying to do that for 4 troop types… and then imagine K35 with T14s!

Not to mention all the cost and effort that goes into building a general with their dragon, gear, refinements, and specialties. I’d say that’s 10x more difficult than the above resource cost.

My motto is, it’s better to be K33 with 1 troop type properly invested in, than K30 with all 4.

Mounted troops are special, because they are by far the best troops for killing bosses. They are not the best PvP troops, but honestly they aren’t as bad as most people think. If you solely dedicate yourself to mounted, you will crush people at your own level who are wishy-washy and try to evenly raise more than 1 type of troop.

The best mounted generals are simply the ones who give the most mounted attack (mounted hp/def and march size are nice, but less important). While Hannibal and Martinus gives the most pure attack, Roland sacrifices a small amount of Attack for a nice amount of Defense and HP, so I consider Roland the king of mounted troops.

Ranged troops are pretty much just for PvP, and they do a fantastic job at it. You can use them for bosses, but 100k mounted can pretty much do the job of 300k ranged against a boss, assuming equal investments into tech and general.

The most important stat for ranged troops is Ranged Attack. With enough ranged attack, they can even overcome their counter (ground troops). If you overpower the enemy with numbers and attack stats by enough, you can kill all the ground and mounted before they’ve had enough time run up to melee range. In other words you can defeat those troops with virtually no losses.

Anyway, Simeon is the king because, with specialties taken into account, he gets the most ranged attack. Alfred is basically his equal, until the 4th specialty is unlocked and Simeon pulls ahead. Elektra and Minomoto are close behind them. Don’t be distracted by their secondary benefits to mounted, siege, etc.

Ground troops the natural counter to ranged troops. People often leave ranged or ranged/siege in buildings to defend them, and those are extremely juicy targets for a well developed ground attack.

Because of the way they work (always weathering a few attacks before getting into melee ranged to attack), they need a mixture of Attack, Defense, and HP. So we need to look who gives the most overall bonuses. Scipio is the undisputed king of ground, giving a whopping 70% total stats, along with awesome specialties to boot. The only other guy in the conversation is Trajan who gives 50% total and has decent specialties.

Siege troops are generally not used for attacking that much, because they are extra expensive to heal… and sort of weak. Until you are very late, lategame K35, where they get some utility.

Siege troops attack from back to front, so when somebody sends a “siege bomb” they are basically using the siege as a sacrifice to thin the enemy siege/ranged numbers. Leading to a followup attack with mounted or ranged.

Napoleon, Ulysses, and Qin Shihuang all do a pretty good job of leading a siege bomb. Attack is the main thing you need with siege, just like ranged.

I do not recommend focusing on a siege attacking general until you are very powerful and very experienced, and maybe not even then. Better to work on your ranged, ground, and mounted generals.

For Wall Defense

First off, I don’t think people should worry about wall defense until they reach K33 and start building Achaemenidae and Ares equipment, and start training troops like crazy to reach 250-300m power. It’s not really possible to defend your city against a proper attack (even from a big solo attacker) before that point.

Trying to be as clear as possible here. If I see a K30-32 with 300m power, I’m salivating. I know that is a really juicy target – basically free points in Server War or Battlefield. It doesn’t matter who their wall general is. If you’re smaller than that, don’t even dream of it. Quit spending so many many troops and try to push for K33 instead.

Work on your growing and fighting generals first, and learn to ghost. Wall defense should be an afterthought until late game. Stay bubbled, or ghost, or lose everything.

All that said, it doesn’t hurt to think about who you want as a wall general someday. When you reach the stage I’m talking about, around K33+, you can start investing in all the troop types more equally.

Defense relies heavily on siege. In order of importance, I think the stats you need are siege attack, mounted def/hp, ground def/hp, and ranged attack.

Until you have a few million siege, you will be in an awkward phase where your mounted are pretty bad defenders and basically get sniped off for free points by ranged attacks. Skilled players ghost a large portion of their mounted troops when they see/expect a ranged attack, and unghost them if see/expect a ground attack.

Tran and Joseph are considered the best wall generals, due to their focus on the above-mentioned stats. Kiet is pretty good too, giving a nice bonus to ranged. I do not consider trap activating bonuses on Kiet or anyone else very important. Traps are far too expensive for how weak and easy to lose they are, and I honestly don’t recommend building traps at all. Resources are better invested elsewhere.

For Sub Cities

Long section. Very important.

First of all, and this is one of the most common sources of misunderstanding… Any general that improves “sub city gold production”, “sub city training speed”, or “sub city troop death to survival” IS NOT GOOD

Julius Caesar? Abraham Lincoln? In real life they might have been amazing. In Evony, these guys are not qualified to govern a dog pound.

Sub cities have a very special and unique way they can help you in battle. The city can be selected when you perform a solo attack, right? Then the mayor and all the sub’s troops will join the battle. The mayor’s skills and specialties will come into play.

The problem is, the mayor’s skills only affect their portion of the army, which are likely a bunch of pathetic weaklings, because your subs level will be way below your main city’s level.

The interesting thing is this: when the mayor has a skill that reduces the enemy’s fighting capabilities, it will take full effect. Skills like -15% attack, -15% hp, -20% ranged attack… These are going to hit the enemy. Because after all, there is only one enemy army for you to affect.

Think of it, you can hold up to 8-9 sub cities if you are towards the top in server prestige. All added up, this can be a huge blow to the enemy’s fighting strength.

The best stats you can reduce, in order for the most part, are:

  • siege/ranged attack
  • mounted/ground hp
  • mounted/ground def
  • mounted/ground attack
  • siege/ranged def/hp

Therefore, the best sub generals are the ones who do the most of that. Jester, Cnut, Arminius, and Harald are the best ones. Jester is only available for a lucky few during April Fools, and the others are Premium generals. Darn.

Cixi and Andrew Jackson are very nice substitutes though. Better than you might expect to find in the tavern. Since we need so many subs generals, most people rely on many copies of Cixi or Andrew.

For Building Duty

For the most part, it doesn’t matter who you use for duty in buildings. It’s all the same, except stronger is better. Most people just move their strongest, best fighting general(s) around into the various duty positions when they want to use them. For example, moving into the keep before starting a construction, and then removing it.

If you can reach medium, senior or special duty level, that’s the only way to get better benefits from duty.

Except for guys like this:

They provide a special (fairly small) bonus when put on duty in a certain building. There is one general like this per building duty. Here is the list again:

  • Archer Camp – John I of Portugal (Europe)
  • Stables – Oleg of Novgorod (Russia)
  • Barracks – Abd al-Rahman I (Arabia)
  • Workshop – Gwon Ryul (Korea)
  • Trap Factory – Askia Muhammad I (Arabia)
  • Hospital – Skandenbeg (Europe)
  • Rally Spot – Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Japan)
  • Archer Tower – Ban Chao (China)
  • Academy – Eulji Mundeok (Korea)
  • Keep – Menshikov (Russia)

They are all premium generals, so they are hard to find. Don’t feel too bad if you don’t find them, because again, their bonuses are very minor, and you have to build them up to duty level to even use them. Plus, lots of these duties aren’t available until later keep levels.

Eventually you should have permanent rally spot, hospital, archer tower, and trap factory guys – so you would need to build those ones up to special duty to have an edge on regular generals.

The rest can be left at junior duty, and switched in and out as it makes sense.

5) How Do I Select and Add Skill Books?

Planning Your Skill Books

Here is a list of priorities. This is my opinion only, and there is (a little) room for debate. If you’re totally lost, just follow these.

Note: Sometimes your general can’t wear a certain skill. For example, Washington can’t wear mounted attack, because the game considers his personal skill the same, and says he has it built in. And by the way, his position on my tier list suffers because of that.

Boss Generals should prioritize…

  1. Mounted attack
  2. Luck
  3. Monster March Speed
  4. Mounted HP, DEF, or March Speed

PvP Generals should prioritize…

  1. Range or Speed
    • Possibly range again (ie both archer and siege range)
  2. Attack
  3. HP
  4. Defense

Wall Generals should prioritize…

  1. Archer Range and Siege Range
  2. Siege Attack
  3. Ranged Attack

Sub Generals should prioritize…

  1. Rebirth
  2. Troop Training Speed
    • Sub troops are weak, but we need a few alive or the general won’t join the battle.
  3. Construction
    • Note: The benefits from gold production are so small that it’s not even worth mentioning here.

Gatherers should prioritize…

Any 3 of the 4 gathering speed skills.

Rally-Adders (Like Cleo and Baibars… or anyone you want to add Luck to) should prioritize…

  1. Luck
  2. Monster march speed
  3. March speed
  4. Maybe mounted attack if you want to use them for weaker bosses

Custom builds that I like…

  1. The hybrid boss/pvp general with luck, mounted march speed, and mounted attack or HP
  2. The rally-leading Baibars with mounted attack, monster march speed, and march speed
  3. The secondary rally-leading Baibars with ranged/ground attack, monster march speed, and march speed (for leading your pvp troops on an extra rally)

I use my Baibars for rallies 99% of the time. Even when leading them. I’ve cultivated, levelled, and geared him up. When it’s time to kill the max level of boss that I can, I switch the equipment to my Martinus.

FI think building a Baibars as your premier boss killer is a very good idea. Give him the Bird of Hurricane for even more drop rate bonus. You will be swimming in items compared to most people.

Adding Skill Books Without Waste

Skills are added to generals using Skill Books, and there is a trick to it so pay close attention to this section.

Do NOT just start yoloing and adding Lv4 skills. They will probably just get deleted by accident.

Also, make sure you know WHICH skills you plan to use since they are a major cost and pain in the butt to redo. Read the previous section of this guide and discuss your plan with your alliance.

For the video inclined, here is a good one (not mine) –

The above videos covers:

  • Adding Lv1 skills to a general
  • Replacing Lv1 skills with a Lv4 skill
  • Examples of skill loadouts
  • Where to get skill books (Wheel of fortune is best by far)

I will also summarize in writing. Here it is.

The issue with adding skills is this: when your general has a skill or two already added, and you try to add another one, there is a significant chance of overwriting a skill that is already there.

Luckily, there is a special method to minimize the cost of getting a perfect set of skills. 

The trick is to use only Lv1 skill books until you have a perfect set of 3 that you wanted. It’s still annoying, and you may go through 5+ copies of the skills you want before they all stick, but it’s the best way available.

For example, let’s say I want Minamoto to be my PvP general. He already has Ranged Attack built in as his unique ability, so I want to add Ranged HP, Ranged Def, and Ranged Bonus Range. Let’s say I have the most copies of HP (6) so I start with that first. It obviously sticks first try.

From there, I have to continue adding skills that are not already on that general. If I add bonus range, it might overwrite the HP, but we have to try and try again until it doesn’t. They may overwrite each other several times. Keep adding Lv1 skills you want, that are not already on the general. Eventually all 3 will stick.

After you have 3 perfectly placed Lv1 skills, you can overwrite those with the Lv4 version.

(Lv2 and Lv3 books you have can either be used in place of Lv1s for this method, or broken down for their pages. 10 skill book pages = 1 Lv4 skill book chest.)


  1. Choose a set of 3 perfect skills that work well on your general. Read this guide’s previous section and discuss with your alliance.
  2. Add Lv1 skill books until you have these 3 perfect skills all stuck. Yes they will overwrite, and you will need several copies of each, but just keep trying.
  3. Apply Lv4 skills of the same name on top of the Lv1 skill. If they are the same skill, replacement is guaranteed.

6) Equipment

Equipment is a huge source of stat increases for fighting and for gathering.

In short, you’ll get best results if you make specific goals to work towards. Then select and build the proper items that enhance stats which help you achieve those goals.

When to build?

I’m not going to talk about equipment below the level of King’s Gear (Forge Lv21). If you want lower level gear, go ahead. It’s not very strong and will need to be replaced, but at the same time it doesn’t cost much, so who cares.

Just do me a favor and please don’t trade gems for equipment or scrolls in the black market. It’s a horrible deal.

Dragon Equipment is where stuff gets serious. It’s available starting at forge Lv27. First of all, it’s strong. It makes a big difference in battle. Second of all, at forge Lv30, you can upgrade these items into Ares Equipment.

Ares Equipment (Lv30) and Achaemenidae Equipment (Lv33) are actually equally powerful. They have comparable stat increases, and both can be refined to a maximum of 25% x4.

For King’s and Dragon equipment, you always have 2 choices for every equipment slot (ie. helmet, torso, leg, boots, ring). You have 4 choices for the weapon slot.

For Ares and Ach gear, since they are equal in power, you actually have 4 choices for every regular equipment slot, and 8 choices for the weapon.

There are also Spiritual Beasts and Dragons. Dragons are generally stronger, but more costly and challenging to purchase, feed, and refine. Note that a dragon’s attributes and built-in skill increase with levels. Click the shield-looking icon in the lower-right area of the dragon screen to see its innate abilities.

What to build?

Equipment is one of the first places where you will encounter two important ideas.

The first is extreme scarcity. This isn’t like saving up a few hundred million resources for a building. This is more like… you can make a final equipment build for 1 general every 2-12 months depending on how active you are. I’d say it takes at least 3,000-6,000 vikings to fully gear up one general in Ares or Ach gear.

Not to mention refine stones!

Don’t refine anything until you read the next section. There’s a lot of potential waste here.

The second idea is opportunity cost. You can either equip a bow that increases mostly ranged stats, or you can wear an axe that increases mostly siege stats, but you can’t wear both. In essence, every stat point you assign towards one thing takes away from another thing.

If you build equipment randomly, you might end up with an equal mixture of enhancements towards all 4 types of troops. If you build equipment thoughtfully, then you can focus entirely on increasing one type of troop, and assigning that equipment to an appropriate general that also focuses on that troop.

This means you always must compare and evaluate your options. If you’re trying to build up a ranged-focused general to lead a ranged-heavy march, then compare the options to find the most Ranged Attack and other ranged stats. If you are using mounted, it will require entirely different gear, looking for Mounted Attack and other mounted stats.

If you are equipping a wall general, thinks get more interesting. Wall generals lead armies potentially composed of large amounts all four troop types, since they lead everything in your whole city. This part touches on Battle theory, found in the battle guide.

If you are a smaller player (K32 and lower) — you should probably not have too many ground or siege troops yet, and you should:
a) Mostly forget about defending your city because any k33+ who knows how to attack can probably trash you no matter what, and
b) For battlefields and various times that you must try your best to defend, you probably want like stuff like Kiet + Ranged Gear or Boudica + mounted gear to complement the troops you DO have.

If you are a smaller player (K32 and lower) — you should probably not have too many ground or siege troops yet, and you should:

a) Mostly forget about defending your city because any k33+ who knows how to attack can probably trash you no matter what, and

b) For battlefields and various times that you must try your best to defend, you probably want like stuff like Kiet + Ranged Gear or Boudica + mounted gear to complement the troops you DO have.

Elektra Skill and Gear

This is a sample Ranged-focused general. She wears:

  • Fearless Ares Bow (More attacking benefits than the Ach bow)
  • Fearless Ares Helmet (Only option with Ranged Attack)
  • Fearless Ares Armor (Best debuffs)
  • Courageous Ach Armor (Ranged Attack)
  • Fearless Ach Boots (Ranged HP and enemy siege debuff)
  • Fearless Ach Ring (No brainer. A beautiful ranged item.)
  • Red Dragon (Ranged attack and March Size.)
Martinus Equipment

Here is another example. A Mounted-focused General. He wears:

  • Courageous Ares Spear (More attacking benefits than Ach spear)
  • Courageous Ach Helmet (Mounted Attack)
  • Courageous Ares Armor (all 3 Mounted stats)
  • Fearless Dra/Ares Armor (Mounted Attack, I still need to upgrade from dragon to Ares, but it only adds 2% so it’s not a top priority for me.)
  • Fearless Ares Boots (Mounted Attack and Defense)
  • Courageous Dragon Ring (This one is not upgraded on purpose. It’s a choice. This ring is the best for double-drop chance and I mainly use mounted to kill bosses. For PvP, the Courageous Ach Ring has better mounted stats and can also be refined more effectively. It also lets you use the 2 ach item set bonus. So basically it’s way stronger.)
  • Purple Dragon (Mounted attack)
Evony Wall General Joseph

Let’s do more. Here is a Wall General, for city defense. He wears:

  • Gold Dragon (Siege attack and ground defense. Alternatives: Blue Dragon, Siege Spiritual Beast)
  • Ach Axe (Siege Attack, Ground Defense, great debuffs)
  • Fearless Ares Helm (Siege Attack, Ranged Attack, Mounted HP)
  • Courage Ach Armor (Siege Attack)
  • Courage Ares Leg (Siege Attack, other 3 stats are great too)
  • Courage Ach Boots (Best of 4 mediocre options)
  • Courage Ach Ring (Added siege range is ESSENTIAL. the Siege attack and ranged debuff are also amazing. What an item.)
Evony Sub General Cnut

Lastly we have a sub general. Unique case, because the only things that matter for sub generals are enemy troop debuffs. So he wears:

  • Blue Dragon (Only dragon/beast that provides debuffs. He can fit pretty well here on a sub general if you have nowhere else important to use him.)
  • Ach Axe (Best debuffs on a weapon imo. Ach spear is also a consideration)
  • Courage Ach Helmet (Better debuffs)
  • Courage Ach Armor (The -30% range/siege ares armor is a consideration, but since introduction of the 6x ach set bonus I think this is the clearly better choice.)
  • Fearless Ach Legs (No brainer)
  • Courage Ach Boots (No brainer)
  • Courage Ach Ring (This ring is a little better because Ranged Attack is the best debuff… until you cap it out. See final note)

Final Note on Sub gear:

One thing that a lot of people don’t realize, is that debuffs against your enemies will cap out at half reduction. So if they have 1000% attack, you can reduce 500% at most.

This is relevant when we made some sub gear choices, and it means you may need to make different choices when gearing your final few sub generals or even when choosing who the general is. Cixi is very strong, until you cap out enemy ground defense reduction, which is pretty easy to do. Then she’s still pretty good. Arminius has the same problem, but even worse — amazing debuffs, but 2 of the 4 are extremely common and easy to cap.

Siege attack is one of the most powerful debuffs, but it’s also super easy to get. When you have all sub gens geared up, you’re going to have -1100% siege attack without even really trying. That’s why Ares armor isn’t that great of a choice anymore since they added the 6x Ach gear set.

For the record, the best debuffs are Ranged (Atk/def/hp), Siege attack, Mounted def/hp, and then ground def/hp, and then the rest. For all-purpose use, prioritizing city defense a little bit higher than attack. This is is what I think.

7) Refining

What to say about refining…

This is definitely one of the most misunderstood areas of the game, and one of the top places where people waste some of their most precious resources (gems and refine stones in particular) to achieve basically nothing.

Here is the logic that leads me to say that:

  1. Refining stones are extremely rare and valuable, when you consider how many you will need to properly refine an item. I ballpark a single “correctly” refined item (up to my standards anyway) at around 50,000 stones, minimum. So we’re talking at least 300k stones for 1 general’s gear. We don’t want to waste any.
  2. Refining an item that isn’t “best in class” is a waste. By this I mean, an item that will be replaced by something better as you grow bigger. Plan out your finalized gear sets FIRST.
  3. Settling for weak refinements on a good item is a waste. It will need to be redone at some point.
  4. Settling for incorrect refinements on an item is obviously a waste. So make a thoughtful plan first.

Note that Dragon (Lv27 Forge) equipment should not be refined, even though it can be upgraded into Ares gear – and even though the refinements WILL carry over.

The issue is that dragon refinements cap out at 20%, compared to 25% for Ares/Ach (Lv30/33) equipment. 15-20% is the best you can hope for with dragon gear, and personally, my standards are higher than that.

The previous section covers how to decide on the best items for your general, based on their desired purpose and troop focus. If we’re gearing up a ranged general for instance, the proper way to refine is to eventually get 4x ranged % increases… as high % as possible.

Note that the flat increases (ie. +532) are worse. It’s a little unclear how much worse, but depending on how the math shakes out, I think the top result for a flat increase is only equivalent to about 12-15%.

Where to Start?

What are the first items we should dare refine?

Here is a shortlist of the earliest “best in class” items you can find. It’s worth refining these, so if you feel ready, these are great places to start when you unlock them.

1. The King’s Equipment Gathering items. See this section in the gathering guide for details on what particular items I mean. The earlier you can do this, the better.

Weapons, Helmets, and Leg Armor can be refined for gathering speed. King’s equipment can go up to 15% x4. You should enhance what the item is already good at. So if the item is designed for Stone Gathering, then add Stone Gathering Speed.

For example, you can refine your King’s Sword and Fearless Hero Leg Armor for Stone Gathering Speed, and it will benefit you for as long as you play this game. Obviously you should prioritize the gear that you use the most.

King's Sword Refining 2

2. The Red Dragon (from Lv26 pasture). Unless you place top 50 in All Star Battlefield and unlock Ladon, this is the best beast/dragon you will ever get for a Ranged-focused attacking general. Why? Because it has built in ranged attack and march size. So if we lock it into that purpose and further enhance it towards that, it’s the best thing we can do. Let’s use our refines to further improve its ranged attack. (the most important stat for ranged attackers).

3. The Courageous Dragon Ring (from Lv27 Forge), which provides 28.0% Double Items Drop Rate. This will always be the best ring for a general that kills bosses. If we refine it for Mounted Attack, our boss killer will do a better job. Technically there are some Ares/Ach rings that are better for PvP Mounted. But in my opinion, anyone who doesn’t use the Courageous Dragon Ring for boss battles is shooting themselves in the foot.

Courageous Dragon Ring

4. The Purple Dragon (from Lv30 Pasture). Unless you unlock wonder 3, which is one of this game’s most challenging tasks, this is the best beast/dragon for Mounted or Siege attacking generals. Most people use him for mounted, so I’ll speak on that. He comes with built-in Mounted Attack and March Speed. So let’s further enhance Mounted Attack to make the dragon excel at this purpose.

5. The Ares Spear and/or Bow (from Lv30 Forge). These weapons are better for attacking generals than their Lv33 Achaemenidae counterparts. Just compare them, it should be obvious why. These weapons have fairly lax requirements to unlock, compared to some other Ares items, so you should be able to get one shortly after achieving Keep Lv30.

The other exciting thing about them is that you can refine weapons for Attack %! A properly refined spear or bow will be worth somewhere around 150-160% mounted or ranged attack, respectively. Just for one item. That’s huge! Especially at K30.

6. The other Ares items. Refer to the previous section and select the best possible final items for your Ranged, Mounted, Ground, Wall, or whatever general. If one of those is an Ares item, and you can build it, feel free to refine it.

How to Refine?

Refining itself is pretty simple and easy. It really just has these core mechanics:

  1. Spin for random bonuses.
  2. Accept the results if they’re better than what you had
  3. If you get a result you want to keep forever, lock it in. (costs gems).
  4. Repeat.

Ares Equipment (above) can go up to 25%.

King’s Equipment (below) can go to 15%.

Simple enough, right? So why have I placed this section all the way down here?

Because, if you start refining without a solid plan, you will mess up, and you will waste those incredibly scarce refine stones, and you will waste gems. You should carefully read the previous sections about equipment and the introduction to refining, before ever actually attempting to do it.

You should have a plan, down to the specific detail of what stat % you are willing to settle for. It’s not really viable for anybody to aim for 24-25% x4. That would probably cost 500k refine stones and millions of gems. Per item. But you don’t want to settle for 19%, 18%, 14% either, because eventually, I promise you, that’s going to bother you. You will just have to redo the item.

Check out my bow (left). When I first did it, I thought it was great! But now it upsets me and I’m going to eventually redo it from scratch. Now check out this other bow that makes me jealous (right). It probably cost this player more refine stones than mine did, but he will never have to redo this item. Don’t settle!!

Here’s a rough guide to my standards today:

  • First lock-in needs to be 24% or higher
  • Second lock-in needs to be 22.5% or higher
  • Third lock-in needs to be 21% or higher
  • Fourth lock-in, we’ll take pretty much anything. We can always come back later and improve the last one.

You may have higher or lower standards than me, but I do suggest following this basic formula of more patience at first, and settling for less with each lock-in.

Why do the numbers descend like this? It’s because of the related costs and probabilities. The more lines you roll at a time, the higher chance you’ll find something good, and the cheaper it is (gemwise). Until you lock something in, the rolls don’t cost any gems at all. So it makes sense to be way more patient for higher numbers on your first rolls.

Yes, being patient sucks. You will sometimes roll dozens and dozens, if not hundreds of times, and feel like you’re getting nowhere. That’s just how it is. Like I said earlier, with my above-mentioned standards it usually takes me about 30,000-50,000 stones to finish a single Ares/Ach item. And you might be way more or less lucky than me, I have no idea!

ONE FINAL TIP that can potentially save you a lot of refine stones and a lot of headache. This is not a proven theory, but a lot of testing by myself and others points towards it being correct.

When spinning for bonuses, if you see higher numbers, Accept it (not saying to lock that in – just to accept the result). No matter what it is.

The theory is that high numbers lead to finding more high numbers. If you have 20% and 22% for anything, even sub construction speed or troop load or whatever. It will give you a higher chance of finding more high numbers.

The reverse seems true also: if you’re stuck in 6-10% land, it’s hard to find anything too much higher than that. So accept those high numbers, and consider it progress if your numbers get higher and higher, even if you haven’t found anything worth locking in yet.

Keep in mind that you still only want to lock in a super-high result on the actual stat you need.

Special notes on refining dragons.

1. Red and Purple dragons cap at 15% per refine. Blue and Gold dragons from the Wonder cap at 20%.

2. Unlike most items which have limited possiblities (ie. weapons only refine for attack, never defense or hp)… Dragons can refine for any possibility. Which means that it’s less likely you’ll get the one you want, which is very annoying!

3. Dragons require different items to refine and lock in the refinements. Gem cultivation is the best option to use, since Badges are pretty rare and important for other tasks. When talking about dragons, cultivate means the exact same thing as refine.

When talking about generals, those two words mean different things. Thanks Evony, not confusing at all!

So go ahead and get started! Grab a best-in-class item as outlined in the last couple sections, roll until you find 24-25% and lock it in 🙂

… And that’s the end of this guide to Generals! I hope you enjoyed reading it, and I hope you can use this info to crush your enemies 🙂

251 replies on “The Comprehensive Evony General Guide”

This is a fantastic guide to generals for the game! Essential in this reader’s opinion for making wise choices in choosing generals for growth in the game.

Hey Xyz!!! I don’t know if you remember me, I played in your server. Name was Lulana 😊 you did an amazing job on this guide!!!

Really helpful guide. Simple to understand.
I was wondering why didn’t the two sub generals did not make it to your top list: Constantine the great and Margaret I?

Hi, thanks for the comment. Margaret should definitely be there! She is a slightly better Mansa Musa. I’m not a fan of Constantine. With how I currently understand the battle system, I think the priorities are to reduce ranged/siege attack, or ground/mounted defense and hp. The former are your damage-focused troops, while the latter are focused on a mix of attacking and defending.

Hi, one more question. In your skill book section you prioritized
3. HP and 4. defense.
As many says for PvP defense should be priority. May I know is that the case? Or you still think HP should be prioritized?

I think HP and Defense are pretty close. Not sure which is better. It could even be that you need them both equally… so if your defense buff is 500% and your HP is 550%, you might prefer defense. Or maybe the opposite of that is true.

I’ve just heard HP is better from experienced players and haven’t tested it much myself yet. I think they’re close in importance anyway.

Since Cixi is generally preferred over Nero, and Cixi debuffs defense, HP would be better since buffing defense is more likely to get debuffed vs HP. This is especially true for a ground attack, where Cixi debuffs ground defense by a whopping 30% for each Cixi. It all depends on what the opponent has but I think it’s why many give a slight nod to HP over defense.

Top right corner, you should be allowed to dismiss them unless they’re busy doing something.

4 locked circles have appeared on my general, annihilation,troop formation…and 2 others but I couldn’t see how to unlock them and how to use them… thanks Zee

Hi, i am in low level, just beginning, who would be a good substitute for ground? I can not afford a gold general yet. Thanks!

Anyone will be fine for the time being. My only suggestion is not to spend a lot of gems and items improving them, because one day you’ll replace them with Scipio or Trajan

Thank you for this excellent guide! Question: I have heard from a couple of high-level long-time players that there is an advantage to waiting to star your generals until either they reach level 25, or +500 (added, not total) cultivation. It has not been made clear of what that advantage is. Have you heard of this, and can you share any info about it? Thanks in advance.

Hmm. I haven’t heard this. I guess the advantage would be “more stats” (lead, atk, def, pol) but I don’t think this is actually true.

If the order doesn’t matter, which is what I think, then all the elektras would max out at roughly the same stats. Within 10 for sure. If the order does matter then we should see some bigger differences. I’ll keep an eye on this

Thanks! Different people I’ve asked have said similar; “If it does make any difference, it can’t be much of one.” I look forward to hearing what you find. 🙂

Not really. He’s alright. quite good even. But Johnston and Tran are considered by most to be in a league of their own.

Reason: Siege and ranged attack are more important than mounted or ground attack when defending.

Since the nee skill book came. I think we can add monster attack , mounted attack and monster March speed to boss baibars right?

First of all, best guide I’ve heard. Actually I’m suggesting in my alliance most of your tips and I have to admit we are growing faster, thanks!
Second, I would like to ask you about Aethelflaed and Carus, since I got them but I have barely read in whether they are worth to grow or not. I have Hannibal and Trajan, so in case of Carus is Carus vs Trajan, and for Aethelflaed, whether it’s worth to grow here as monster killer.

I want to know about Enhance and Cultivate for the General. Explain me and give me the tips about that.
Should I take Enhance first for General’s Stars and than Cultivate, or Should I take Cultivate in every general’s level and take Enhance depend it can reanch. Or it is okay i take anytime

Hi. And thank you for a great guide. I am putting rebirth on my sub generals. Do you think that matters at all or not?
And every fourth skill I compose seems to be Renaissance… I don’t really think it’s worth while to replace a power skill with this, so I always recompose them. What is your take on that? Trash right
And please, please share your take on equipment. In that connection, I seemed to get higher percentages of HP for mounted when I refined, so I changed my generals mounted hp to defense to compensate! But am really just walking blindfolded here and trying to be logical.
Thanks again for sharing.

Heya Pen,

Great suggestion about Rebirth. That and Troop Training Speed seem like they would be important for subs. Because, although sub troops are weak, you need at least some of those little guys alive… or the general won’t even join the battle.

I don’t like Renaissance. I agree with you there too.

I’ll take a crack at equipment soon. I’ve just been very busy. Next chance I get to sit down for an hour or two here!

Thanks for the comment

Hi. What’s difference between rebirth and renaissance in the game? It‘s exactly same meaning in two different languages. Thanks

Hi Damo. I can’t speak to the meaning in various languages, but in the game… Rebirth is a skill that increases survival rate of your subordinate city troops. Renaissance (actually they spell it Renascence in some places which is just wrong I think haha) is a skill that reduces your general’s imprisonment or revival time.

If you go to the screen that lets you add skills to generals, you can see all the descriptions there.

Not good whatsoever! Take a look at Saladin, who is better in every way… and his only purpose is to be a troop killing meanie-pants 🙂

Good morning,
I just recently got the Undead General. and I need some guidance. I get the blanket statement “He’s a jerk move gen to kill troops from a jerk player.” But my logic, suggests this can’t be more wrong.
With and 8% wounded to death and having him in a sub that has a small amount of troops, isn’t it conceivable that having in the sub, he would take more of the opposing troops versus your own? (eg.. 8% of 20K sub troops =1600. 8% of the opposing player , with say a 500K march and assuming you hurt 250K in a battle, that totals=20K more dead troops.) My argument is that it would seem, if used in this way, he is an equalizer in every fight you bring him to.
What am I missing and please help me if my logic is flawed. (There is a reason his debuff doesn’t stack.)

thanks so much!

First of all, great thinking. I’ve only met one other player who noticed this and pointed it out to me for the first time.

I have not actually tested the undead general to see if he works like you say. It’s worth a test just for the science of it. I sort of doubt he does. But even if he did I have 2 responses:

1) There’s a general called Saladin who does the exact same thing — except it’s 10% and only affects the enemy

2) Neither the undead gen nor saladin helps you actually perform better in the battle in the same way that AnJackson, Cixi, Cnut, etc. do. These guys help whether you’re attacking or defending, against a large opponent or small.

And on top of that, I don’t personally care if my opponent’s troops are wounded or killed. The points work out to be the same if we’re talking about an event. However I do see the appeal of killing troops of somebody who “deserves it”

Thank you!
And timely you touched on points. (dead versus wounded) We were just discussing this. I was of the opinion Kills were worth more. Sounds like that isn’t the case.

Thanks again!

I find I’m 4th and goal from my own 10 yard line I dove head deep and now I will waist a lot of time and money spent but thanks for the information

The Tavern is required to be level 18 for an orange grade historic general to appear in the Tavern?

I know a purple grade historic can appear at 15, as well as normal orange grade, but stopped refreshing at 5k gems into searching for one. Only ask because I have 45k left, and don’t want to refresh the shop thinking one will spawn eventually, only to find out after 45k more gems that it’s not possible until 18, hehe.

It definitely requires tavern level 18 to find a orange historic?

Hi Akera,

I’m sorry, I’m just not 100% sure on this one. I have heard people say they began seeing gold historic generals at lvl 18. I would suggest pushing for level 18 as soon as possible. I also suggest not cycling the tavern with gems until it’s even higher level than that, because the taven says in the description something about “upgrade the tavern to increase the chance of recruiting higher quality generals”

My tavern is level 17 and I have seen 1 gold historic general (that I have actually noticed). 🙂 Wanted to share this info

So, if I understand correctly, Tavern has to be level 18 for a legendary historic general to appear, one can’t before then? It’s hard to tell by how it’s worded near the top. :/

I’ll try to fix the wording.

That is my understanding, yes, just from talking to people. I don’t have proof and don’t feel like making an account to check.

Hi. Fantastic! I am actually German speaker…and some French/Italian. Wished someone would have done this in my mother tongue. Great job!
Apparently I am close to my first SVS and may start with Gaugamela (?). By stupidity I got 320 M on stone and 160 M wood and can‘t clear them; was mentioned to use building up from lv32 to lv33 „whole shrine“…Your suggestion: Should I go into a SVS with such a high amount of resources? I know, my own lack of organization; I did not know, that at this time of monarch-completion all buy ins of higher range (99 usd) are not available…Thanks for your feedback, appreciated

Hmm. I definitely don’t recommend using any ghosting tactics, or heading to the enemy server with that amount of resources. You do have the option to hunt players that come to your server and quickly bubble. Or, you can find a way to spend it on building upgrades (by opening boxes or focusing your gathering on food/iron for a while).

Hi… An stupid question but very important. Is he wall general have something to do with monster rallies if he’s abilities and skills are for mounted? 😬

Hi John, not a stupid question. Lots of people get mixed up about which generals will affect their battles.

The wall general’s purpose is to lead your troops, but ONLY while defending your city from attacking players (or undead). So he will not affect your monster rallies.

Still kinda of novice.. Lol 23 non coiner… Ban chao for archer tower are there any skill books that help him specifically or any duty officer in thief duty role?

No skill books that help with duty. Duty officers aren’t in charge of any troops, while almost every skill book applies to the troops being commanded by the general.

I understand about the books for the duty generals but what about gear? Does gear help with defending/attacking with duty generals at all?

Not at all.

However, gear does help you reach the power requirement for ‘special duty.’ And here’s a tip — you can remove the gear after they’re locked into the duty and they’ll retain that special status.

Question when it comes down to Ban Chao. He has a 3rd specialty Sage. Now the Archer Tower Attack does that apply to Archer Troops in your keep or does that apply to Fire Arrow traps?

I don’t think its a good idea to waste scarce runestones on a duty generals specialties…

And no, archer tower damage has nothing to do with your archers or traps.

Guess so! 🙂

Figured that I probably wasn’t the only one wishing for an up to date resource for learning this game

Hi, thank you for the gear section. Really helpful.
My plan almost matches with yours for archer attack. Just one thing I was considering differently.
Instead of Fearless Ares Armor I am considering Courageous Achaemenidae Armor (-siege attack, – mounted def).

1. I do not have access to wonder which is required for Fearless Ares Armor.
2. To get wonder I need to do well in SvS and for that I need powerful archer general.
3. The new set feature 2 achae equipment will give additional attack buffs (achae armor & achae leg armor).

Will this be a right approach?

That’s definitely the right approach in your situation. If and when you unlock wonder you can reconsider.

It’s never bad to have extra gear with debuffs since you can equip them on sub generals and enjoy the benefits there.

And by the way, ach chest armor is a perfectly good choice for ranged generals. I was torn between them but eventually decided on that nice (and rare) ranged debuff.

Thanks. Little relived. :D.
At least for now I can proceed with this. As you said if I get chance to make that ares gear in future, ach gear always can be used in sub general. Only problem is the refinement investment.
Please keep posting your articles. I check everyday if you have posted anything new 😀 .
Wish you a happy new year in advance.

Hey, first off thank you for the guide, it’s very insightful and much appreciated.
I have 3 ranges generals and considering which one to build, what do you recommend? It’s between Gustavos Adolphus, Winfield Scott or Minamoto ?

You have Fearless Ares Armor in the example of Elektra above.

In the case of Alfred the Great and Simeon the Great who are Ranged specialists (+ Siege) as opposed to Elektra, who is a Ranged specialist (+ Mounted)., would you still go with Fearless Ares Armor, or would you go with Courageous Achaemenidae Armor?

Hi, thanks for the question. I have 2 answers:
1) I’m certainly not mixing ranged/mounted (and probably wouldn’t mix ranged/siege even if I had those other guys). That’s not why I made the armor choice. I use pure ranged 100% of the time.
2) However, Courageous ach armor is perfectly good. I prefer the ranged attack debuff, but the other option is great too. Especially since it saves 800 badges.

Why do you use pure ranged 100% of the time? To counter the expected mounted armies in PVP? or another reason

A little clarification, I use pure ranged as the *First attack* 100% of the time. To counter the mounted troops (who lead the enemy forces and stand at the front)

If there are no mounted troops in the target, then mounted or ground is a better choice to attack with.

Thank you for such a comprehensive review of the game! I felt so lost when I started and it kinda felt like a bait and switch. Many of us really came to enjoy the puzzles, which have not been updated for many months. Anyways, that is not the reason of this email.
I have several questions that I looked for answers for online and asked my alliance members who did not know the answers to. I will list them:
1) Am I able to play this game on an iMac or PC?,
2) I have 2 copies of Arminius, should I save the 2nd one for PvP or dismiss him?,
3) I have the following Generals: 5 Queen Jindeoks, 4 Baibars (1 lvl 23) Simeon the Great, 2 Arminius, Li Shimin, Edward the Black Prince, Trajan, Alexander the Great Lv 25, Washington (lvl 23), Khalid, Takeda Shingen, Oleg of Novgorod, Abd al- Rahman 1, Eulji Mundeok, Shajar al- Durr, Tran Hung Dao, Ly Thuong Kiet, James Bowie, Emporor Qin Shihuang, Amir Timur, Gustavus Adolphus, Nero, Cixi, Himiko, Mehmed II, and Andrew Jackson.
Should I enhance Washington until I am able to get Martinus, Hannibal, Roland, or Electra or just wait until I recruit 1 of them? Who should be my go to Boss and PvP General? Should it be Washington, Khalid, or Takeda? Who gets the Red Dragon and who gets the Bird of Hurricane? For PvP should I go the ranged route with Simeon or go with Edward the Black Prince?
Should I have Himiko as a Sub General or use her for PVP? Right now I have 1 Baibars with the Red Dragon with Cav Skill books, should I move the Cav equipment and Bird of Hurricane to Washington and then move the Red Dragon to Simeon? I also have Wei Qing, is he a better Option to develop?
For subs- I am currently using Arminius, Gustavus, Nero, Cixi, and Himiko, with Mehmed II and Andrew Jackson as back ups for when I gain for the my current 5 sub cities. Would you recommend any changes? Should I replace any of them with more copies of Cixi, if so whom and how many copies? Or Cnut if he becomes available?
Should I refine the Fearless King’s Ring on the 4 Baibars? I am only using 1 for boss rallies.
I was thinking of Dismissing Ly Thuong Kiet, Emporor Qin Shihuang, Arminius (2nd one), Mehmed II, and Li Shimin. What are your thoughts? Thank you for your help as I plan to play this game for a while.

Hi! Yeah that’s a common story for pretty much all of us. We thought it was more of a puzzle game haha.

1) Yes, sort of. The game is only available on iOS or Android, but there are free programs that allow you to run an Android emulator on your PC. I’m not too familiar with the specifics, it’s just something I’m aware of. You could probably find more info on Google.

2) Arminius is fantastic, and it’s great to have multiple copies because his best role is actually as a sub-city mayor. He has excellent debuffs.

3) I wouldn’t enhance Washington. Of everything you listed there, Takeda is the best choice for your Mounted. Whether you want to enhance Takeda, or care about Mounted troops at all, depends mostly on your in game alliance in my opinion. You might get Martinus from the puzzle chest anywhere from like, tomorrow, or 6 months away. If your alliance needs help running boss rallies, I think it could be a good plan to (somewhat) build Takeda in the meantime. Of course, don’t spend runestones on his specialties.

If your alliance can handle boss rallies, I would forget about mounted and focus totally on ranged troops in your position. You have Simeon, who is the clear #1 ranged general. Congrats!

Red dragon goes on Simeon, as it’s designed for ranged generals with its built in ranged attack. Edward is pretty mediocre next to Simeon. Even if you’ve already invested in Edward I would make the switch.

For your subs, I would go with both Arminius, and fill the remaining spots with Cixi or Andrew Jackson eventually. In the meantime you can use whatever. Actually in the near term, you’ll probably want to just put people in your subs who you need to level up. Sub gens get an awesome amount of exp when they participate in pvp battles.

Probably not worth refining that king’s ring. I personally refined 1 double-drop dragon ring for mounted attack, and that’s it for the drop rings.

Keep Arminius like I said before. Maybe keep Kiet too, if you decide to take my advice about going fully into ranged troops with Simeon. To clarify, I’m talking about building like 1-2 full marches of ranged troops and no other troops (apart from layers. See battle guide if you’re like wha?) – and just pushing keep levels up while getting mainly the ranged buildings/tech/etc. Kiet would be the best wall general for you for quite some time, in that case.

I don’t see any purpose to Qin, Mehmed, or Li Shimin in your shoes.

Hope that helps. Great questions!

For tavern ranged general who is better, Gustav or Li Shiming? If range siege combo is only little better than pure ranged, maybe Li shiming ?

I think pure ranged is better, and I think Li Shimin is slightly slightly better out of those two.

Ranged siege is more of a niche strategy. It’s something you can use in a battlefield building, or svs in the temples, or throne buildings,to get an edge on pure ranged armies. But obviously messing around with full armies in those buildings is very dangerous so this is a pretty advanced tactic. I would go with pure ranged until at least k33 before you start to experiment with other pvp troops.

Very awesome work. Cleared up a few things and will share this with my alliance. A question for you that we debate 3 times a day. Cav nemesis is ranged. It’s some of our belief that the skill book mounted troop speed help cav run under the arrows to reach ranged before they die. I don’t agree with this idea as I have used cav as main attack. Currently switching to a more hibrid attack no one is expecting. Anyway. Does this still help cav die less

Thanks and great job

Hi, I think mounted speed is a good skill to use. It won’t let your cavs “run under the arrows” but there’s a pretty good chance they reach their targets 1 turn sooner, meaning they endure 1 turn less of fire.

You’re always going to take big damage sending cavs towards ranged either way! Unless your stats are far superior.

Attacking with cavs can still be good though. Focus on catching people while they’ve sent their ranged march out to attack (very common) or sit in a building

I have seen similar comment for ground pvp generals like Scipio. Skill with ground attack, defense and ground speed (rather than HP). One reason is high ground HP buffs with specialties unlocked. Other players say never sacrifice the HP for ground speed. Your thoughts?

Alsoz I did not see you address generalist like El Cid or Prince Rhaegar? How would you skill these? I assume both could be a hybrid??

1st thing – If speed works like it’s supposed to and your troops reach their targets even 1 round sooner, that’s a tremendous increase. 1+ full round less of withstanding siege/ranged fire. So I think it’s super important. If it doesn’t work like that then it’s useless but, so far to me it seems like the former.

2nd – I don’t like those guys. I don’t really believe in generalists as a concept. I believe in devoting and specializing towards 1 type, which is what most of the battle guide on this website is devoted to explaining

Absolutely!!! It’s tremendously powerful to do that, if you get enough materials to build all that extra equipment. You can cover all your sub generals in gear and debuff stuff in the 400-600% range.

I actually need to add a section to the guide in reference to this. Because there are choices to make here too, and it’s not obvious which gear is best.

Sure, I’ll add my Joseph as an example. Check back in a little bit.

In general, for a wall general, I believe you want to look for:
1. Siege attack
2. Ranged attack
3. Mounted Defense/HP

What about Refines for Joseph E?

Siege Attack only? Or mainly Siege and some Ranged?
Mounted HP only? Or a combination of Mounted HP and Ground HP?
Ground Defense only? Or a combination of Ground Defense and Mounted Defense?

Up to you. If you had infinity troops the only thing that would matter is mounted hp/def

The less troops you have, the more important siege attack and ground hp/def are.

Ranged attack isn’t very good

I like Li Shimin. If I recall right, Jumong has very low base attack, and attack growth. The actual stat. So by the time he gets higher level, he’s going to be 20-30% attack behind just from that. On top of that, he is not able to equip a ranged attack skill book (“this general already has this skill at a higher level”) whereas Li Shimin is.

Hope that helps. Better than both would be, getting Minomoto for free from the puzzle pieces this month for daily logins. Good luck!

Thanks – love reading and constantly refer to your commentary. A few questions:
– how much would you recommend spending at the tavern? I have a level 27 tavern and spent about 40k on gems to try to get a jindeok or Baibars but have not gotten 1.
– can you do a guide on how we should prioritise research?
– I am just focused on building to level k33 as suggested. At what stage should we go into KE/SVS?

1) You’re at the level where you probably want to spend quite a bit on the tavern. I know it’s annoying, but if you find those guys they’ll pay off divedends, for the rest of the time you play this game. I also have a theory that the hardest one to find is your first. I’ve seen a lot of people find 1 and then quickly find more. Including me.

2) Good idea. In general, I like getting almost all of advancedment tree first (except for ones you absolutely don’t use like food production if you have one farm, etc.) You also need march slot +1 (which lets you gather and join bosses more), the first thing in the alliance tree (which makes help better, so its basically like advancement)… Medicine in the defense tree for healing cost savings, and if you’re a boss killer, obviously need the mounted attack stuff in military.

3) That really depends on the level of others on your server and the amount of viable targets around. I’ve been playing those events since mid K20s, but I joined my server right as it started and did my best to keep pace.

Wow – really appreciate the quick and detailed feedback. Unfortunately I do not have any really good troop generals at the moment and was a bit late in getting the hang of the game so am just working off a strong alliance. My generals I have are mainly war and duty generals you have recommended: Mundeok, Shajar al-Durr, Menshikov, Oleg, Tan Hung Dao & Richard the Lionheart. Others I have include Li Shimin (I note you have said he is decent ranged), Gustavus, Robert Lee, King Arthur and Nero (for sub). So I guess I should keep with current strategy of focusing on alliance wars, research and construction and building rss until I have decent generals. I do use 2 cleopatras though – they’re getting a lot of level ups at the moment piggybacking in alliance wars.

Hi further questions:
– Commentary above discusses Roland vs Hannibal. How does Martinus compare to the above?
– Any thoughts on the new Zachary Taylor general?

– Note, in section 1 of this general guide, your “for leading mounted troops” is currently a sub-section of “for growing – get these ASAP”.

BTW – if you haven’t already, you should make a Youtube Channel.

Martinus, Roland, and Hannibal are the trinity that are basically tied for #1. Pros and cons to each.

Without specialties taken into account:
– Hannibal reachest the highest Mounted Attack
– Roland reaches the highest overall stat total

With specialties taken into account:
– Martinus and Hannibal are tied for 1st place Mounted Attack.
– However Martinus gets a free skill book slot to use on something else (since he reaches the top without mounted attack)
– Roland still has the highest overall Atk/Def/HP total.

Applying all specialties is not easy for most people, so keep that in mind when making your choice. But honestly any one of these guys is absolutely awesome.

As for Zachary… I like him. He seems better than Kiet, who is good for people with tons of archers and not much siege. But in the long run, when your city gets really huge, siege becomes quite a bit more important than ranged troops, so I still think Joseph and Tran are the best.

And thanks for pointing out that mistake. I made some edits recently and must have messed it up.

Great thanks for the reply. Its all a lot of information that I am slowly piecing together and processing.

Reading your info, given I do not have any premier generals, I am just trying to get my Keep to Level 33 (currently K28) as quick as possible and hope that by them I have picked up a good general or 2. On this basis I am using 4 Baibars to tag onto rallies and double drop. I am just saving everything else as how I have been readinf what you have written is that the focus should be on the top generals and top ach gear as at the top level part of the game ie at K35 that these are the main differentiators and otherwise you would not have as much resources and time to make and refine the ach gear and build up the top generals. On this basis, I have not built up generals like Barabossa etc. which a lot of my server use or even the Dragon gear so I can save it for the Ach gear. Am I doing this right focusing just on long term or am I not looking at the opportunity cost/benefit in having decent/strong generals/gear now and using that for other benefits? This is a point I am really struggling with at the moment. Note I am in a strong alliance where I do join rallies so do reap those benefits but am too weak for svs and pvp at the moment. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Really good, informative and easy to understand, thanks for your time and effort.
I agree with most of what you write but what about players approaching K30 and maybe K31 who want to succeed in Battlefield and also compete in SvS, after all these are great for earning rss, gold and gems? Don’t these players need more than a good cav march and generals with decent (refined) Kings or Dragon gear?

Hm. You’re not wrong there. It depends what you want out of the game.

At a certain point, I think you’ll literally have to make the choice between getting your archer tower/camp up to par and building a full march of archers. Or instead going up a full keep level, maybe two.

Advancing your cavs to T13 might allow you to perform nearly as well in battlefield as if you had T12 archers. Not to mention how much better you’ll be on bosses.

On the other hand, it’s not at all a bad choice to make a bunch of T12 archers. Even when maxed out with T14s and everything, those T12s still serve us quite well and we need millions of them.

I personally did split my attention between cavs and archers. I would have reached K35 faster without them, which brings the 6th march, more gathering, and other benefits… But I wouldn’t have had as much fun on the way in svs and battlefield. So I completely understand the choice to make archers. However I’m pretty firm that it’s a mistake to worry about city defense, ground, and siege until K33+

Hi, Thx for your nice and informative guides.
What if you have both Tran and Johnston, with Tran a bit more power (without the gear).
Which one should be used, and what to do with the other. Selling seems a waste of a good gen

I’m not sure who is better out of the two. Johnston is much more rare, so I wouldn’t sell him. Keep him in reserve in case you get more confident in him compared to Tran.

Great guide, thank you a lot.

Wouldn’t Greene be worth joining the “growth list”? Since he’s a very good option for non-coining players to save stamina and hence be able to join more rallies and can still get a Double drop rate skill book + ring.

Yeah honestly he’s pretty good. I’ll add him.

– 25% stamina reduction and 18% drop rate
– 25% drop rate.

Against a huge boss like the B14 that comes along once in a while, you want the Baibars. In other cases like regular monster farming, Nathaniel might be better if stamina is a concern for you at all.

I keep 3 Baibars and 3 Greene. It is a bit of an overkill. I like Greene with the hurricane for primary for everything. I use the two regular Greene’s for bosses 7-10. I use Baibars for vikings. It is a personal preference of stamina vs the change in DD.

Green’s 25% stamina savings rounds down, or the actual stamina cost rounds up. So you don’t actually get 25% on everything. You do on the bosses that cost 20 stamina, but for vikings you get exactly 20% savings (75% of 10 = 7.5 rounds up to 8). This is why I prefer Baibars. But still be worth it for some to maybe use Greene but it bugs me that the savings drops to 20%.

I agree with X that Baibars is better value with the really big ones. We aren’t there yet and just now hitting b13’s regularly. The double drop value starts really going up.

Lord Seth – I am in the same boat – got 3 of each but haven’t really used baibars in a while, Bcs of the awesome savings I get on green, especially on the big monsters like icebreaker, fafnir, behemoth, etc. I can’t spend 40-45 stamina on them, if I can spend way less using green. That said DD I noticed is way less compared to baibars though. I would say as a rule of thumb probably I get 20% more DD using baibar compared to green. Mathematically we know that’s not true, as the difference is only 7%? But makes me wonder if the system has a way to reduce DD on purpose for green. Just a wild thought :). Thoughts on this?

secondly where do u use baibars for – is it just vikings? As much as I want to use baibars for very high level monsters, the significant stamina savings – ~3 fafnirs vs 2 fafnir for Green Vs baibar is too much to ignore for me. Love to hear all different ways u use baibar, considering you have 3 greens

Once I switched the bird to Baibars I use him for any high level rallies, because the DD outweighs the stamina savings especially since we only have one in the alliance that will take a B13. The bird maxed out is 15% DD and mine is currently 13%. For the other Baibars it is a toss up for me on sending them or Greene. I definitely prefer Greene if it is a B7-B10 rally.

I also have quite a bit of stamina saved up, so that is part of the reason I have gotten more liberal using Baibars. But I will always prefer him on Vikings, since the 10 stamina is capped and it is a flat 20% savings with Green instead of 22-25%.

Hi Xy, a great effort in breaking down in your own way the game. Sadly it seems this game is more about who knows more, as there are no comprehensive guides such as this for a beginner, though it’s starting to change it seems.
That said, it seems there is something missing in your guide, probably a typo/error! In the section before refining, it seemed like you were about to show the equipment for a wall general, but it seems incomplete. Look below. Would love to see it for JEJ. Thanks

“Let’s do more. Here is a Wall General, for city defense. He wears:”

You’re absolutely right. I got started on that part, realized I needed to take pictures to continue, and just got too busy. Had a really busy week. Another one of my hobbies is playing around in the stock market and it’s been one of the most interesting weeks in history.

Anyway, I took the photos and I’m about to write that section right away, after I’m done replying to new comments. Won’t be long!

Hello. I’m really impressed with your work this is the best guide about evony I have come through so far. Also I have a question about Robert Lee I got him few days ago he has buff of turning death to wounded. I am wondering if I put him in sub will that buff work on my march while attacking? Thanks

Hey Asim, thanks! I’m 99.9% sure that buff will only affect the sub troops, of the sub that he is the mayor. You could probably devise a simple test to check. Something like – send 10000 T1s at somebody with no subs, then with robert lee’s sub involved.

Hi. I think you got the double luck for courageous dragon ring wrong? I only see it as 20 percent and not 28 percent. Am I missing something why I see only 20 percent my side?

I just bought my first random general scroll in the battlefield shop (6,000 dragon crystals) and I was pretty disappointed that is was Jackson which I couldn’t have bought for a small amount of gold from the tavern but I don’t really need because I have more than enough sub generals. My question is are you sure the generals you get from that scroll could be “premium”? The purchase packs will never provide a general that can be bought in the tavern. Some are worthless and some are the same as chest or frags, but never Andrew Jackson. I have a small sample size of one but I get the feeling they won’t be premium. Curious if you have heard otherwise. Thanks.

Yeah I’m sure. I don’t need badges or dragon crystals for much else anymore so I’ve gotten like 8 of these from the shop. Gotten 2 scipio, gwangatto, and maybe 1 or 2 other premiums. But I’ve gotten junk too. Not sure on the of the odds because even 8 isn’t a great sample size.

But eventually you’ll have nothing better to do with those materials too

I tried once, and didn’t know it could be random — from the small pic he looked like Arminius, which I wanted, and also Oleg, which I didn’t need. But I got Simeon while he was still new. I know. It’s crazy luck.

Hey Xyxc,

Very good information and it totally hooked me to do research in game .
I am playing in a new server and I have seen some players having all great general like Martinus, Elektra , Barbarossa etc . How to get lucky with these general ? I got Barbaross again from package . Is there is a trick to ensure we get these general ?

Appreciate all help you have provided here .

I just checked in after a few months, and the new refines section is very useful. My question is do we need to cultivate Politics for Wall Gen, for the death to wounded ratio? Considering that in city defense, any wounded troops beyond hospital size will be dead, so will the death to wounded buff helps?

Hi there. Thank you for a wonderful info.
My castle is k27, just starting to build t11😅..
Can you help me where to go from here, what should I focus on? What are the things that I can do at the same time?
What do you recommend that I specialize in? Archer, ground or mounted troops?

Not ground. Mounted if you want to help your alliance with bosses. Archers if you don’t care and can ride along bosses with bigger players while growing.

and keep pushing those keep levels.

Any experience with the new monster skill books? Is the cav attack against monsters (+45%) really 20% better than the normal cav attack skill book when hitting monsters?

I haven’t been able to get my hands on them.

Of course 45% is better than 25%. I think the beauty of it is though, that you can use both types of attacking skill books at once. Mounted attack AND mounted monster attack. (Or in the case of Martinus, at least you can add the monster attack one.) But your general will be worse in pvp of course, so keep that in mind and decide if it’s worth it.

What I have in mind is a Baibars with both those attack skills and monster march speed.

Hello. I need a help regaea what skills to put on li shimin i have Minamoto with range bonus hp and march size. Which Skill books to put really confuse me. Need a help!

Those skills sound just right. Some people might argue for siege bonus range or ranged defense instead of march size, but it’s all good.

Hey X , well in my server i am also called X 🤣 so its nice to meet you. My question was what skills to give Li shimin? I have Yoshi as my main pvp gen( i am ranged based). So should i sell Li shimin ? Or keep him as my second after Yoshi.

HELLO , and thank you for sharing your information !! Have you discussed choosing percentages vs base numbers when refining gear ? Are there any video or articles comparing them ? Thanks 😊

Hey, I like the percentage boosts for the most part.

Flat stats are stronger for lower tier troops, and percentages are stronger for higher tier troops. So there is a case to be made for flat stats in some cases, like wall defense for example. I also believe flat stats are not affected by debuffs, which becomes more of a benefit at really advanced stages (late k35, high power) and they should be considered again.

This is very interesting. I did not think about flat stats for the wall considering the higher boost for lower tier troops. On debuff, do we know flat stats are not affected or is it a guess based on the reports only displaying percentages?

I heard it from a much more experienced player than myself. It also kinda makes sense to me that they would do it that way… but haven’t tested anything myself.

Since we cant stack siege attack level1 to khalid. Beside siege bonus amd cav attack what should be the third book according to you the best option for khalid if i use him as my siege general?

I don’t think you should use Khalid as a siege general. Why is it that you think you need a siege general? But even if you did, there are better options, even in the tavern.

Hi thanks so much for this, I would love to get your inputs on ground troop attack and how to effectively use groom troops in PvP, especially is possible a sample ground troop preset Just so I get an idea what works. There seems to be more information on range attacks on the internet with barely anything on ground troops. Thank you.

Ground troops are rarely used as a first attack, because they take such heavy damage from their weakness, mounted.

Ranged has the ability to dominate their weakness (ground) due to their range. If there are much more ranged troops with much better buffs, they can shred the enemy mounted, then the enemy ground – possibly without taking a hit. Because those troops have no attack range and have to spend rounds walking up closer.

Ground will always have to get in close and take damage from the enemy mounted. So you basically don’t want to send them if the enemy has a lot of mounted.

Against an extremely large target, a follow-up of ground might be perfect. First send ranged to kill all the mounted and a portion of other troops (but lose the attack overall). Then send ground to finish the job. Ground is the best choice against an enemy with zero mounted.

Hi. I’m happy to read your article. I never made it past castle 27. That’s why I don’t know much about svs, bog, boc, generals, equipment, dragons and pvp. Some words are mistranslated when translating (e.g. march) because they apply in-game. Your brother also suggested this article to me (S432, his name is Vash, We were in the same alliance with him. My name is ~Hayir)… I also have a question – why should we build land, ground, soil and siege machines from k33? Should there always be rallies during Svs and PVP, or should only soldiers of range rally?

Ranged rally always happens first. Because sending anything else will meet the enemy cavalry and be destroyed.

If you have a big target, 1 ranged attack/rally alone may not finish, but it will kill the cavalry. Clearing the way for a following mounted or ground attack.


question regarding the gear sets advantages. My Martinus is now fully set up with Dragon gear. I now want to get some ares gear on him (spear/armor/legs/boots). But moving to ares will cut the set advantages for dragon gear ( like 10% attack for 6 dragon items). Whats your view on this. Will it be worth to move over and lest say starting with the spear?

Ach gear for everything is a pretty big mistake. Ares is worth considering because its equally strong — you have to evaluate the benefits

Any chance on putting up Best Gear for Ground Gen. I think it will make a good impact on PvP battles, imo. As 2nd attack or 3rd. Please include a section on Ground Gen. if you could. Thx

I wouldn’t put skills on those. Arthur isn’t useful and Ban Chao doesn’t need skills when he is on archer tower duty.

I think Martinus the strongest for boss monsters… If you give him 45% mounted attack against monsters, 45% mounted HP against monsters, and 25% Mounted HP which I think is better than 45% Mounted monster Defense… I did the math with T13 mounted stats… Am I right or wrong? This makes his numbers better than Hannibal, Roland, and Aethelflaed…

I think it’s roughly a tie with Hannibal but I agree with the rest! I think those monster-only generals are pretty unimpressive.

You should remove Simeon from your list of the top range generals. He does not receive 15% range attack from having a dragon. It’s a known bug and Evony apparently doesn’t care about fixing it.


As soon as I saw this, I asked somebody wtih Simeon to test. It seems to be working just fine for them. They’ve tried removing the dragon and the math checks out, stat loss is totally accounted for and includes the extra 15% from his skill.

I’m guessing you tested it too. Maybe it has already been fixed?

I was told yesterday by a very experienced player is that it does not happen to everyone. But the ones it has happened to the general is broken and will not be fixed. Yes my Simeon who I have invested in does not receive the additional 15%. Neither does another Simeon within my alliance. It is a bit disheartening.

I did more thorough tests and I was missing some things before. My Simeon looks fine. Sorry for the incorrect info.

Yes you were right. I dont need Siege gen. So i passed on Emperor Qin as well on tavern. I have martinus only. No cav gen who can do pvp. So i set up martinus with cav speed, luck n cav hp. Now i have Khid as well. I need your views that what should i do with khalid? Use him for what and with what skills on. Or just sell him ?

Hi love your work. Just wondering who should be the building/duty officer for Holy Palace, Research Factory, Market, and Warehouse?

I don’t see people putting enough weight into the attribute numbers for wall generals and instead there is too much focus on the default skill set. The attribute disparity isn’t noticeable at lower levels but once you start maxing out the general level it becomes huge, especially taking into account all troop types. Tran falls way way down the list because his percentages from attributes are too low. At level 34 Taylor has an 8% HP advantage to all troop types. Attack is an 11% advantage. Defense is 5.5%. That is almost 25% to all troop types, which is 100%. That is huge and too big to rank Tran over Taylor. Taylor also has this advantage over Johnston as well with Attack and Defense with a slight disadvantage on HP. Not as big as vs Tran but enough to strongly consider Taylor over Johnston as far as the end game choice.

Very true. I must be guilty of it too since I didn’t realize Tran had such poor stats in comparison to other choices. I’ll have to re-evaluate everybody in light of Taylor. But I did not like that Taylor didn’t have siege attack or mounted def/hp — in the long run these stats seem by far the most critical.

Anyway, it’s not only for wall generals. For another quick and simple example (to anyone who reads this, I’m sure Seth already knows)… check out Washington.

People see his 35% mounted attack and get excited (which I don’t like because you can’t equip a skill book, but that’s another story). But his attack stat is only 104 + 7.59/lv… or 370 at lvl 35. Compare to Martinus 120 + 8.85/lv = 430

Now keep in mind, a 60 attribute difference is not 60% attack. It’s more like 8-9% attack. But it’s still worth paying attention to.

Does adding any skill books to duty generals help? E.g. does adding archery skill books help Ban Chao do a better job on archer tower duty?

No that won’t make any difference. They don’t lead any troops, so their skills have nothing to affect.

How we get diamond💎 more, by not buying with real money, and not participate in boc and bog plz tell me, i required diamond for draigon

Participating in server war is the best way by far. Otherwise, just do events and challenges.

I currently have a wealth of Haralds (7), plus 3 Cnut and 2 Arminius. Am i right to assume that Harald does not help after 5 copies? Or is there benefit to use all 7? Who to keep? Thx

I’ve never heard of there being any loss of benefit after 5 copies. I think you can use all 7. In your position I would use 3 Cnut and the rest Harald.

I think robert the bruce is worse than similar options. Zachary taylor is pretty good, not only because of his skill but his powerful base stats.

Can you advise which skill books are best for Simeon and also advise if Tran hung is a great Main city def general? I used him as I thought the mix of Siege and Ground make him excellent for defense. If he is not the best, can you advise who is?

Simeon: Ranged bonus range, ranged attack, and either ranged defense or siege +range

Tran: He’s considered one of the tip-top best defense generals, for the reasons you’ve said.

Ranged Range Bonus and Range Attack are the no-brainer choices for Ranged Generals (assuming your General can apply them). Then the decision-making …..

1. Why did you mention Siege Range Bonus as a potential third skill book on Simeon? Wouldn’t Simeon be best used as a Pure Ranged General (despite his extra Siege Buffs), in which case his Siege layers would be minimal.

Or do you use Simeon (and Alfred, who has similar buffs) with a Siege & Ranged focus – mainly Ranged, but with some reasonable Siege (versus the minimal Siege of a pure Ranged march)?

2. The other Skill Book you mentioned was Ranged Defense. The third book I’ve seen on most of the bigger players is usually either Ranged HP or March Size.

Why do you prefer Ranged Defense over Ranged HP or March Size?

3. Between Ranged HP and March Size, which do you prefer?
I realize that when Reinforcing, the HP is preferred. But Ranged Generals do a lot of solo attacks, so it’s not so clear for me which is preferred overall. I think that March Size Buff is based on the Base (unbuffed) March Size Rally Size, but I’m unsure how to properly compare this to Ranged HP and Ranged Defense Skill Book Buffs.

Siege range is probably not the best. I actually use ranged defense now instead.

The original idea was not so much including siege with the attack, although you can in some cases… But rather that the “size of the battlefield” changes based on the range of the longest range troop — siege. So adding siege range should increase the size of the battlefield, and cause a difference in timing for when mounted/ground/archers engage with your archers. Whether for better or worse, I’m not sure.

I haven’t been able to perform or see any tests to prove the idea, but that is the idea.

Don’t take my word on defense or HP. I haven’t gotten good data to support which is the best. I basically choose defense based on playing other rpg-style games where the defense stat performs better against “many weak attacks” (like siege machine layers) while HP performs better against “fewer strong attacks”

March size does not seem like a bad idea, but things like SvS and battlefield are decided based on points. A slightly smaller number of slightly more powerful troops should perform better point-wise. Plus, you save on healing/reviving costs.

I’m currently building Amir Tamur as a Thief Gen (stealing resources from keeps). After defeating a keep, I would follow up with a march led by Amir to clean out resources. That said, in your opinion, which troops/skill books would you suggest? I was thinking siege/ground for their greater Load capability. Thanks in advance.

You’ve got a good plan there. Any two troop load skills, plus march speed, makes sense to me.

Who would you say is the best siege gen in the tavern? I’ve done my fair share of siege bombing and siege marches. Tbh siege gets over looked. I’ve been using Emperor Qin. Who would you say is an upgrade from the tavern?

Emperor Qin is probably the best from tavern, specialties taken into account.

Napoleon is considered slightly better I believe.

I have a question on cultivation. I assume that a level 35 Roland, maxed out, will have the same base stats of leadership/attack/defence/politics as another and the cultivation makes the difference. I believe the cap on cultivation is 500 but if you are lucky and have lots of gems you can get higher, 520 I have seen somewhere.
Looking at my Roland compared to one on the general leaderboard and assuming the base stats are the same the cultivation is 562.
Am I looking at this correctly and if I am how is the cultivation being achieved.
The figures beside the green arrow are the same on both generals.

562 seems incredibly high to me. You can get above the 500 cap by doing a 10x cultivation with gems when you are at 498, but the most I’ve ever seen is around 510.

Thanks for your reply, asked and found out it is the dragon making the base stat higher. My dragon being only 5 the dragon on the Roland I was looking being a 10.

You must be looking at someone that has a dragon equipped and you aren’t accounting for it? 562 is impossible. The theoretical max is 528.

Hi I have a question that kinda leads to a other topic. So I wanted to know why Roland’s combined mounted hp and defense beat Hannibals mounted hp. The way I see it…mounted troops base hp makes up x3 the amount of base defense, making hp more important (like with your 600% spread vs 1100% for one Stat from your battle tactics guide, that’s where im getting some of this logic). Which leads to my other topic question: how does mounted hp compare to mounted defense in terms of total durability.

It’s really a mystery how def/hp compares. Honestly I don’t know.

I *suspect* one could be better than the other to a point, and then it flips. Like if you had 400% hp and 200% defense, I think it’s probably better to focus on defense until it evens out. Just a theory though.

I am also really confused as to how ATK DEF and HP play their roles. In most games logic damage to hp is caused from Atk minus Def ie: 500 atk hits 200 Def deals 300 hp dmg. Most ATK is going to be higher than DEF. So idk if that’s why HP is more sought after. I’d think the troops can keep attacking as long as they have HP. Idk how troop type advantages and level would play into that either. Say tier 11 rng vs tier 12 MTD. Head spin.

First of all, thanks for this guide cause it is such a great way to quickly learn about the game.
I would like to ask you about 2 new generals that you are not covering here: Aethelflaed and Carus. Is it worth investing in Aethelflaed as main monster general? What about Carus in comparsion with the top 2?

Well Carus doesn’t seem good at all, not sure why the interest in him? Trajan from the tavern is superior, and Scipio is farrr superior for leading ground troops.

I don’t like Aethel either, considering the release of the monster mounted attack skillbook. Consider this:
– Aeth with 55% (personal skill) + 25% (from regular mounted attack skill) = 80%
– Martinus with 40% (personal skill) + 45% (from the Mounted Troop Attack Vs Monster) = 85%… and better specialties

Martinus is just flat out better, even against monsters. And with a quick rearrangement of his skills you can specialize him in pvp instead.

I personally use Baibars with bird of hurricane as my main boss killer. Yes in some cases he takes more wounded, but he brings in nearly double the items in the same amount of time.

One thing about Aethelflaed is she can exceed the double drop of Baibars once that second speciality reaches grandmaster. That’s obviously an investment in runes that are better utilized elsewhere. Eventually maybe. Besides that she is pretty disappointing since she doesn’t take a monster mount attack skill. Why did they program her to be able to take mounted hp against monster but not mounted attack? Her default skill is 55% of each. They basically made a monster specialty general but then nerfed it’s skill ability.

What is even more confusing about Aethelflaed is that you can use a Mounted Troop Defense against Monsters Skill Book.

Her Special Skill is Mounted Attack against Monster 55% and Mounted Defense against Monsters 55%.

You can add the Skill Book “Mounted Defense v Monsters”, but you cannot add the Skill Book “Mounted Attack v Monsters”. Why one and not the other?

They’ve taken what previously appeared to be an unwritten rule and completely taken away any logic.
It used to be that:
– If General’s Special Skill is limited to one skill, you cannot add to that skill using Skill Books.
– If General’s Special Skill incorporates more than one skill, you can add to any or all of those skills using Skill Books.

I don’t think I’ve seen an exception to that rule until Aethelflaed.
Are there any other exceptions you’re aware of?

I learn a lot from your guide. Please consider adding a section on leveling generals up against subs. I’ve seen that siege only in layers works with zero killed at lower level subs but haven’t found the right mix against gold subs. Besides adding more high level siege, are there other things to do to eliminate killed – like equipment, monarch gear, attack defense boosts, dragons or spirit beasts or anything else to get the exp boost without suffering kille troops?

That’s not something I have much experience with. I easily level all my generals to max by putting them in subs and doing a little pvp.

But I can tell you from watching others, that you’ll probably want high numbers of your top 3 layers of siege. Siege attack research, siege attack monarch gear. It’s about killing all the troops before they can get close enough to you.

Everything helps but ideally you want enough in your siege groups to take zero deaths without even using a general. You have to be fairly high level to do this tactic with a gold sub. If you take deaths with gold stick to purple.


I want to know please the deference between percentage % and numbers in refine and what is better to keep ?

Hi xyz, great work here congratulations. This and your gathering guide are essential to me and I translated word by word to my alliance. A question, I’m a non coiner, so I probably won’t get Alfred or Simeon any time soon. I got Gwanggeto on general chest. I saw him on another site as a top option, what are your thoughts on him, should I invest on him? Or wait for Minamoto? Should I keep both for different type of marches? Thank you.

I think that other website might be old.

He is okay, but I would say Li Shimin (available in Tavern) is better. And Minomoto is much better if you can wait for him before investing heavily (ie. runestones)

As said by many others before: fantastic work and thanks so much!

I have 2 questions:
What do you think is the perfect gear for a pvp ground General like scipio? (I’m k33 and i want to start bulldog other troops than range)

For server war to fill my hospital I use t1 mounted so I can just revive my other troops. Isn’t that dangerous during kill event that my t1s will fill the hospital and the good troops get killed? I’m thinking about switching to t1 siege and get them purged after server war started. Would that make sense?

Thanks so much if you find the chance to reply!

I made these choices on scipio:
– Ach sword
– Fearless ares armor
– Courageous ach boots
– Courageous ares helmet
– Fearless ach leg armor
– Fearless ares ring
– Ground spiritual beast (red or blue dragon is an alternative if you have no other use for them)

I don’t understand the benefit of filling the hospital. Isn’t it more expensive to revive them, especially when you get into source of life territory? Are you perhaps missing -90% healing cost that you can get from research and your monarch talent?

It’s a tactic by big spenders that have plenty of source of life. It doesn’t work out well otherwise.

New General Tomyris. As a Ranged General, would you rate her as roughly equal to Elektra, and just behind Alfred and Simeon?

Yeah, I would agree with your assessment.

Unless we find out that she cannot equip a ranged attack skill book, then she would be lower than elektra, and lower than minomoto.

In terms of Wall Defense Generals, it seems the best (depending on which troops you’re focussing on) are:

* Ranged & Siege – Joseph E
* Siege – Tran Hung Dao, then Joseph E
* Ranged – Zachary Taylor, then Kiet, then Kusunoki Masashige, then Joseph E
* Ground – Robert the Bruce, then Trajan


At low levels, you should use the right general for the troops you have. Yes.

In the long run, siege and mounted are the most important, although all 4 types are important.

I understand Siege being most important in the long run. Why are Mounted so important. Is it because more Ground comes into play the further players progress?

What about the fact that most players use Ranged as their initial attack? Specifically to remove Cavs. Which is why it’s so common to Ghost Cavs.

Please clarify.

Cnut the great, Harald. But they’re very rare.

Andrew Jackson and Empress Cixi are very good substitutes.

So if you had 10 of EVERY sub city general, you would use all 9 Cnut, or 6 Cnut and 3 Harald, or some other combination?

Probably 9 Haralds, but you would have to calculate it. You don’t want to overdo any particular debuff.

Remember, there is no point having more than -700% ranged debuff, since your enemy would need 1400% ranged attack to make use of it.

Here is a tool you can use to calculate debuffs. File > Make a copy

Simply change the “count” numbers in the O column. You can also play with the “targets” in row 25.

Thanks so much for your great guide!
Im starting to develop a General for wall Defence! I thought about Joseph cause I have only Range and siege troops so far. (K 33)
Joseph has +20%range and siege
Alfred e.g. has +30% range and 20% siege
Or gwanggaeto has Siege plus Range as well.

Do you recommend Joseph cause of the specialities? Or is there otherwise something wrong to put a general on the Wall who is not specifically designed for it?

Thanks so much!

I believe most people consider Joseph the best in the long run, from these options. Yes because of specialties, but even his base skills are all very important.

The best defensive stats are probably siege attack and mounted def/hp.

The suggestion of mounted def/hp as the best defensive approach after siege attack is a different line than you took in your guide above. Does mounted def/hp really matter more than ground def/hp? I would think mounted is still a liability against many attacks. Is there something at the highest levels that warrant using refinement on them rather than ground?


It just depends how many troops you have. I have spoken with players 2b-5b range, and they have so many siege that it clears everything without getting hurt pretty much. The only way they take damage is many players sending ranged troop rally (in this case their mounted takes some damage), or siege rally (I think their siege or range will be hurt). Ground never really gets involved on defense.

If you have less troops, then ground is more important. Especially if you intend to ghost your mounted

Since you mention Alfred it is worth noting that his default skills will not apply when he is on the wall. His default skills only work when he is attacking and they will not apply when he is holding a defensive position.

Thoughts on skill books for Johnston defense? I have arch atk, siege atk, siege range. Should I swap either atk for arch range?
Similar question with Simeon. I have arch atk, arch range, siege range. Swap siege range for arch hp or maybe siege atk? or maybe even march size. or leave them as is. Again thank you so much for your time on this guide and responses.

Ok another skill books question.
Is putting MTD monster def and hp better on monster hunters? or does atk only matter and put monster MTD atk and maybe other like march speed or luck or whatever?
Also thoughts on MTD speed and grd speed skill books for PvP to counter a defense gens arch and siege range skills? I have MTD and grd skills atk,hp, and def. I’ve been wondering if swapping that def for speed is a good idea.

Hi there. For your skills question on monster hunters: I use all 3 mounted monster skills on my top boss killer, because defense and HP lower the wounded count if you can’t kill monsters on the 1st turn. I am one of the bigger boss killers in my alliance, so I do take wounded to help alliance members grow and get red scrolls.

You’re absolutely right about all that.

I think you’re really missing out by not using luck! And arguably, monster march speed would allow you to do more bosses in less time. So I really like those two. I feel that the resource drops from monsters will pay the slightly added healing costs.

Love your guide, so damn helpful.
You didnt touch on cultivation. Is there any strategy people should know about while cultivating a general?


Here are a few quick thoughts on cultivation:
– Generals have to be a certain level to reach max cultivation. I think it’s somewhere around 22 with 5 stars applied, but I can’t remember exactly.
– Cultivation maxes out at +498 per stat (but you get get a little higher if for example, you had 497 and do a x10 gem cultivation that gives +9 = 506)
– Cultivation can be fairly gem intensive for players who don’t spend much $, so you may have to prioritize

– It’s MOST important for your top attacking generals. But if you expect to replace the general someday, you may want to hold back (ie. don’t heavily cultivate someone weaker than Martinus or Minomoto, who are available for free given enough time)
– Sub generals don’t really need to be cultivated
– Gathering generals like Jindeok only need politics cultivated (which increases gathering speed)
– Generals dedicated for duty (ie. Ban Chao) need 2 specific stats cultivated
– …So if you only need 1 or 2 targeted stats cultivated, it’s probably best to manually do 1x cultivations with gold or gems. Only accept increases in your target stats and don’t worry about non-target stats.

– When cultivating a fighter who needs all 4 stats, you want to raise all your stats somewhat evenly.
– If for example you had +400 attack, but only +300-350 the rest, it could be good to do 1x cultivates for a while and focus on letting your other stats catch up, perhaps at the expense of attack. Otherwise you’ll have ineffieciencies when attack is +498 and everything else is lower

– You can easily cultivate with gold instead of gems up to about +200, which I do recommend… and then it gets much more difficult
– The 10x cultivate is mainly useful for generals who need all 4 stats (ie. your fighters). It’s a great timesaver in this case

Hello, I have a doubt. What is the difference between Basics Attributes and Set Attributes in the equipments? I never see the Set Attributes working…

Set attributes are unlocked when you wear enough pieces in the set. Like 2 pieces, 4 pieces, or 6 pieces. They should light up green when active.

Hey just wondering if you happen to know a source for the base stats of each troop type so we can calculate the % equivalent for flat stats on general gear. I’ve seen lots of advice and discussion (including above in the comments) but nobody who knows the math goes deep into it as far as I have seen.

I’m also curious to know how the base general stats work math-wise in terms of final numbers. One of the previous commenters asked about duty officers for the holy palace etc and I recently learned from a source I consider reputable that there are only three generals that can hit the required special officer stats for that one, as well as the keep – William Wallace, Elektra and Ulysses Grant. Is this something one can deduce from their base stats mathematically?

Anyways thanks for posting such thorough and interesting guides!


Great questions.

Check the second page of this spreadsheet where I have all the troop base stats recorded:

I’m not sure about your second question. It would surprise me if that was true because every other special duty is so easy to reach. But I only have Holy Palace 34 myself.
You might be able to figure it out mathematically. In the tavern, a generals base stats and growths are given, +505 or so, that would be the cap.

Hey, just wanted to follow up on this as I recently learned that the formula for starring generals is quite simple (although there are some rounding errors that compound a little) – it’s 1.2^(number of stars).. so if you take the growth rate shown in the tavern and multiply it by 1.2^5 (which is just under 2.5) you get the growth rate at 5 stars – multiply that by 35 (or 40 as the case is now) and add the base stat and the 500ish points from cultivation and you get the final stat of the general.

I ran the numbers for a bunch of generals here if you want to take a look:

Hi there. Thank you for all the great informations on your site.
I have a big doubt about my Roland and what skill books to use.
I have started with mounted attack, march speed and luck ( using for PvE/pvp ) now i want to make him better for pvp but i will still use him for bosses and i put on him mounted attack, mounted speed and march size. I dunno if these 3 skills are the best options though. I need an advice.
Thank you.

I use the exact same mixture as you. I think it strikes the best balance.

For pvp, of course defense would be better than luck, but luck is essential for monsters.
For monsters, of course defense would be better than speed, but speed is essential for pvp.

Attack is great for both

Hi Xyz!

First of all your guide is excellent and it really took the tedious thinking out of building gear for all my main Generals, so good. I recommend this guide to all the guys in my alliance as it is so useful.

I have at least one fairly complex/advanced question that I have been trying to find an answer for:

1. Basically the nature of my question, has to do with the percentage increases on troop buffs. I was specifically looking at Archer Attack.

2. I was comparing my Alfred the Great to another top player on my server and noticed there was at least a 100% gap between our Generals.

3. I looked over the differences and fixed as many as I could easily change to get similar stats to what he had for all elements. But the math didn’t add up. Also, I see Generals that have 1200% or 1300% buffs, I don’t see how.

4. I have fairly well refined Arch Ring and Bow, as well as close to Max Refined Red Dragon, Maxed Research on Archer Attack, etc. But, my Red Dragon is only Level 8 and Monarch is only Level 33.

5. So, this led me to believe that there is a much bigger effect on the percentage increases, from General levels, as well as Dragon stat buffs. At first glance, comparing the cultivation and changes in percentage increases, it seems to only add a few percentages to each stat, but it clearly has a much bigger effect.

6. So, my question is – is the percentage buff (such as Archer Attack) somehow calculated with a starting multiplier from the base, cultivation, levels and dragon buffs and then added in? (For example if you have a 200% cultivation buff, does that double all buffs in a sense?)

Sorry if it is a long and/or hard to answer question. Answer as best you can. I really appreciate it.

Hey, sorry that I didn’t reply to this for a while.

I’ve got a pie chart graphic near the bottom of the battle guide, that shows the source of % ranged attack for my elektra. At that time I had 1000.. Now I have about 1200, from better refines and a higher level shrine and a few more little things.

Some ideas on where you may be short compared to top players:
– Everything you mention (dragon level, general level))
– Maybe they’re using Ladon (who not only comes with ranged attack %, but can be refined +25% x4)
– Specialties
– Shrine Level
– Art hall completion
– Bow choice (Ares bow will give more attack to an attacker, compared with Ach, so it’s usually considered the better option.)
– Maybe they were using 50% buffs in the report you saw
– Higher level monarch gear
– Buncha other things I’m probably forgetting

To answer your question at the end… All sources of buffs are added together separately. Note that I say added, never multiplied. Neither cultivation nor anything else will be multiplied against the rest of the buffs, it’s all just added together to give a final % buff.

Cultivation is just considered “more stats”, no different than what happens if you keep levelling up the general, or letting it hold a dragon. When you’re on the cultivation screen, you can see what the Attack stat actually translates into for % attack. Along with what leadership, defense, hp does.

Hi X,

Thanks a lot for the reply. I actually figured out a big part of the gap from reading over your other comments in a different section on here:

1. I was not using Sub City Attack Talent (which added 36% attack)

2. The Shrine (including leveling to 35 at K35 adding 10% beyond the 10% I have now.

3. Art Hall – I am missing the one that requires Raged King, as well as the one you can get at K35 (20%).

4. As you said, the General Levels and Dragon.

5. I can see on Ladon, as it could be way higher buffs with the much bigger refine caps.

I probably missed something, but fixing some of these, I am up to more like 990%. So, getting there.

Thanks for the great guide and for answering all these comments. I actually learned a lot from reading them all!

I totally recommend your guide to everyone on my server

Hey man, great guide, I’m k24 cav focused with Barbarossa as my main cav general, I just got Trajan not sure if I need to focus on ground moving forward and develop trajan, or keep
On cav untill I reach k29 or 30. Thanks

I usually tell people not to worry about ground generals and attacks until at least K33. Maybe even K35 would be better.

They are very weak until reaching a certain tipping point of large march size and high stats. They’ll even lose to archers.

Hi X. First thing to say, I really admire your article. Thank you for sharing your experience to other people.
I have two questions:
1. In the equipment part, for Mounted troop you recommend the utilization of Dragon ring and armor and I totally agree. But why the Ache helmet? I know it have 17% mounted atk (unrefined), but that would make the Ares set loses the second hidden buff of 25% mounted atk, not to mentioned 24% HP from Ares helmet.
2. I read your ideas on boss-rally generals, and I agree that we all should have Baibars. But in the comment section, when being asked about Aethelflaed, you still preferred Baibars to her. I made a table to compare all mount-focusing general for monster rally, with and without specialties, prioritizing Luck, Mounted atk on monster, Mounted atk and Mounted HP on monster. I find out that at around k27-k30 and without specialties, Aethel would have 80% atk and 61% luck (18 skill, 28 refined Dragon’s ring and 15 Thunder bird), while those of Baibars are 70% Atk (2 skill books) and 68% luck. They both have 45% HP from skill book. And 55% defend from skill of Aethel makes a huge difference. So what do you think?
Btw, adding specialties, I agree that Hannibal or Martinus would be better choices when their atk on monster may go up to 171%. I prefer Hannibal because of the Thunder bird.

Sorry, I realize that the buff on atk, hp and def of Thunder bird were not included. Yet the difference in those stats of Aethel and Baibars doesn’t change

1. That set bonus is very important. The screenshot was taken when I hadn’t upgraded from dragon legs yet (and I don’t think there were such a thing as set bonuses back then either). My set now has 4 ares pieces (spear, chest, shoes, legs) leaving the helmet open for whatever.

2. Those are interesting findings, but I think I will stick with baibars, because I prioritize luck extremely highly and that 7% difference outweighs the rest. For me.

By the way, as another comment around here points out, compare Aeth to guys like Martinus and Hannibal (who can wear mounted attack against monster skill book). Intuitively I would think they are better boss fighters, and they seem to have numbers to back it up.

What skills should I put on Amir Timur to use him to plunder rss from enemies? Also is it worth cultivating him? Thanks!

Troop load. A set like ranged troop load, siege troop load, and march speed works pretty good.

Cultivating him will help a little, to reduce casualties from archer tower on each attack. I personally went to about +200 stats, spending only gold and never gems.

By the way, always be aware of the risk that somebody could reinforce your target. In this case, cultivating with amir would help a lot. Or you can just be careful, ready to retreat.

Hello, i love your guide and i see the many mistakes you poiny out with players in my server, my question is i have 3 jindeoks that i am trying to level so i can cultivate more politics but is it worth finishing their specialty or is it too exensive? What about baibars specialty over a monster hunter like aetheflaed? I also have barbossa but hes all i got and i kinda regret putting so much work into him now thanks

I wouldn’t use specialties on Jindeok or baibars. Specialty runestones are just too hard to come by. I think it takes 1-2 years to max any single generals specialties and you’ll have 3-4 attackers + a wall gen that will be more important to you in the long run.

Great article. Also like all the comments and answers. I understand that ground isn’t the best for pvp, but what should you do if you can’t get a good ranged general. My best ranged gen is Li Shinman. I also have Hannibal and Roland, andTrajan. Are you saying I should ignore Trajan for now? If so, better to go with Li or one of the cav generals? Will be lvl 30 soon and it gets a bit boring if you can’t compete in pvp/battlefield. I’ve done a bunch of packages but never got a good arch general. Haven’t built a ton a troops so now at lvl 30 want to spend my rss on the right ones. Thanks for your thoughts.

Sorry it took me a while to approve your comment. It’ll be auto approved from now on (blog gets lots of spam otherwise.) Thanks for the nice words.

In your situation, I would fully invest into Roland until they give you a Minomoto with puzzle pieces. If you find yourself waiting too long, or get bored of waiting, Li Shimin is only slightly weaker. If you keep buying packs you may get Simeon or Alfred, but obviously the chances aren’t super high to get any 1 specific guy.

Thanks for the reply. In the meantime I got Tomyris as an archer general. Seems to be about as good as Electra. So I’m going to build her up instead of Roland. Sound like a good plan?

She looks pretty good, particularly if you plan on being the rally leader for your alliance. So it’s a good plan. Can she equip a ranged attack skill book? I’ve never seen anyone use her.

Curious as to why you don’t seem to include Baldwin as one of the elite sub generals. With a 30% debuff of ranged attack and another -10% of attack as his specialty he seems very strong.

I think Andrew Jackson is better, just from reducing more stats. Ranged and mounted reductions are both important. I don’t consider specialties for sub gens — Ive been playing 1.5years and only maxed out one general’s specialties. Sub gens would be like 5th in line probably.

Because debuffing siege attack is completely wasted on a sub gen since it is already more than maxed with Ach gear. So Baldwin is left with only 30% range attack and nothing else. I agree with Xyx on specialties although if I think I have a keeper I will use 200 on the first 1% especially if it’s debuff troop attack since we currently can’t max ground attack debuff. 200 is a small price to pay for me.

He’s really good. Strong base stats. He’s way up there, but I think a little lower than joseph or tran.

The problem is the higher the level in general the greater in difference the base stats become. And when they unleash higher levels the difference will get even bigger. At level 35 Taylor has 8.2% more hp, 10.8% more attack, and 5.6% more defense than Tran. That is to all troop types. That is almost 99% more total troop buffs vs Tran. I don’t see how the slight increase in siege attack overcomes the overall difference in buffs due to the base stats. It is just too big. Tran simply does not have the base stats or increase in base stats to make him a viable option at the higher levels. The same applies when comparing Taylor to Johnston although the difference is much closer and if Johnston is already developed changing wouldn’t be worth it. I know I made this point before but it still surprises me when people suggest Tran over Taylor. The math says the opposite.

Thank you again for this incredibly useful guide. I’ve been following your recommended targets for refining Ares equipment. What targets do you recommend when refining king’s gear for gathering speed? For example, for a third lock-in would you target 11% or 12.6% — the former being the same difference from the target you use for Ares/Ach, the latter being the same *portion* of the potential max.

I’m just starting to add T12 archers to my attack march, so am gathering lumber constantly (but also need gold to do additional research and to improve refinements on my Ares pieces so more lines can reach “lock in” quality). I got my king’s axe refinements to 14.6%, 14.4%, and 11.5% so far, and trying to figure out whether to lock in that third one and try to get a fourth line that just gives something on lumber or if I should hold out for better than 11.5% before locking the third line. I seem to have plenty of gems right now, just gold always seems to be in short supply.

I’d personally be happy with even lower than those number suggestions for gathering gear. Like I don’t want to spend crazy amounts of refine stones just for a few % gathering speed. The difference between 10 and 12% isn’t lots to me.

I’m personally happy going like 12/11/10/any for gathering gear.

Tacking onto your point. It is worth noting that further increases in gathering speed results in diminishing returns. Since each speed buff is on the base, more speed buffs are a smaller and smaller % of time decrease. So where a similar thing happens with battle buffs, those are necessary to compete or you won’t win, which gathering is passive so it is not necessary.

For example the first 100% gathering speed buff, from any source, is half the gathering time. But going from 600% to 700% is only a decrease in gathering time of 12.5%, or 7.5 minutes per hour. Each buff increase is a smaller and smaller decrease in gathering time.

Excellent guide. I am a fairly new player, and this is very helpful. I have a skillbook question regarding how skillbook percentages apply and specifically the “versus monsters” books. I am looking at Barbarossa for example. His natural skill adds 15% Mounted Attack and 10% march size. If you apply the level 4 standard mounted attack skillbook for 20%, does it replace the 15% or add to the 15% to make it a 35% mounted attack stat (plus 10% march size).

Additionally, he will take a Mounted Troop Attack vs Monsters skill book. Will this stack with both the natural and the standard mounted troop attack skillbook for a total of 15% + 20% + 45%= 80% mounted attack increase against monsters? Or will the standard mounted skillbook only apply when fighting PvP (35% total) and the vs monster skillbook only apply when hitting monsters (60% total)?

Note I know for a fact the game will let him take both skillbooks, because they are already applied.

To the first question, those 2 skills will add together – not one replace the other. 35% total + 10% march size.

He will be able to wear mounted attack vs monsters, and it will add on top of the other stuff for 80%, just like you suggest.

hey xyz

thank you for the advice, thannks to you i was able to focus and get to k33… now i have my dragon gear for my moutned general

question i have is trhat is the dragons gear worth upgrading stars?

Who is Leo?

Edit: Oh Leonidas I’m guessing. He looks quite good. You should still build and refine for siege attack + mounted/ground defense, with the same equipment as shown on Joseph above.

Hi Xy,
With the new relics feature im about to get both Roland AND Hannibal. Who would you prefer to upgrade? Would it be wise to use books on one of them for bosses (mounted attack on boss, mounted hp on boss, luck) and the other one for pvp ( mounted attack, hp or defense, mounted speed)? Or use a book mix and build a hybrid and invest all gems and runes on one of them? Who would you use for each of these roles?

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