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The Complete Evony Gathering Guide

An Evony Gathering Guide, for players who wants to get more resources in less time, and make faster progress in the game.

An Evony Gathering Guide, for players who wants to get more resources in less time, and make faster progress in the game.

Follow this guide closely, and you will learn how to gather up to 3million resources per hour, per march. That’s an easy 200-300million extra resources per day, with very little active effort.

Table of Contents:

  1. Why Gather?
  2. How Does Gathering Work?
  3. How Do I Gather Better?
  4. More Tips and Tricks

Why Gather?

It’s best to think of Evony as a marathon, not a sprint.

Unless you plan on dropping $50,000 on this game, you are not going to reach K35 anytime soon. If you want to reach it at all, you need to have a very good system for collecting speedups and resources (since those are the components of upgrading buildings).

You also need a pile of resources if you are interested in building armies of troops to fight with, and I bet you are!

The best advice I can give is, focus on maximizing your daily item and resource “income” – the more you bring in every day, the less days it will take to reach your goals.

“Well that’s obvious, X…”

Yes I know it sounds obvious, but from what I’ve observed, almost nobody plays this way. People get distracted and caught up in other things. They lose sight of earning resources and items every day. They even waste them. Impatience is your greatest enemy! But this is another post in itself that I will write later.

Anyway, other than being extremely active and joining high level boss rallies as much as possible, Gathering is the ultimate way to increase your daily resource income. You can even do it in combination with bosses. Even while actively playing, you can gather with 2 or 3 marches, while doing bosses with the rest. When you’re offline, you should gather with all your marches.

Gathering Marches

Like the intro teaser said, if you follow this guide closely, you will learn how to gather up to 3million resources per hour, per march. That’s an easy 200-300million extra resources per day, with very little manual effort.

How Does Gathering Work?

Gathering boils down to 3 things:

  1. Farming/mining the resources – based on your Gathering Speed
  2. Carrying the resources home – based on Troop Load, and how many troops were sent.
  3. Any Gathering Bonuses that will be applied at the end
Gathering Tile

To illustrate this, let’s take a look at the screen that appears when we try to send troops to a Lv12 tile with 4.6million resources.

Gathering Screen

Red – A summary of how many troops you are sending. The game will auto-select enough troops to clear the tile. You can change the amounts manually if you wish. In case you don’t want to send your boss-killer troops, for instance.

Blue – How many resources your chosen troops can bring home. Remember that this tile had 4,600,000 resources in it. Troop Load lets you bring home more resources with fewer troops, but it doesn’t make them gather any faster. If you manually choose less troops than the tile contains, they will come home early and leave the tile unfinished.

Green – How long it will take your troops to gather the entire amount shown by the blue circle. This is determined by Gathering Speed. Notice that if you keep adding troops, it won’t make them come home any sooner. If you take troops away, both the resource amount and time-to-finish will be changed.

Ok we’re all set. Out they go.

Now they’re back. Let’s take a look at the report we receive at the end.

Gathering Report

Wait a minute, I thought the tile had 4.6 million? How did we bring home 6.6+1.7 million? It’s because of Gathering Bonus. The lower part of the report is the bonus from general Queen Jindeok. The upper part changes based on gathering bonuses from other sources, which I will cover in the next section.

How Do I Gather Better?

If the last section made sense to you, then you know that we need to find every possible way to improve our Gathering Speed and Gathering Bonus.

Troop Load matters mainly to smaller players. Once you have enough troops to send out and clear tiles, it’s not a big deal anymore.

It’s not a bad idea to build a fair amount of level 1 siege troops, if you need them, because siege have the most troop load. Just don’t drop your bubble and lose them.

Gathering Speed Factors

The first, and maybe most obvious way to increase your gathering speed is academy research. Most of it is available in the advancement tree. It’s very obvious which ones will help – they have descriptions like “increase ore gathering speed.” Get everything you can. It’s amazing. This is some of the most high-priority research in the game for sure.

There is some additional research in the alliance tree for the alliance sawmill/mine/quarry/farm. You should probably work on this too, particularly if your alliance often builds the same building over and over. If there’s always an alliance mine in your hive, get the ore research.

Next, you should equip the proper monarch crystal for the type of resource you plan to gather. If you’re about to enter a farm tile, you can equip the food gathering speed monarch crystal. When they land in the tile, you can unequip the crystal, and the time-to-finish the tile will not change. To reiterate, you’ll receive full gathering speed benefits if you’re wearing the proper crystal at the moment your troop lands in the tile.

Monarch Gathering Crystals

From there, every other gathering speed benefit will be from your general. Generals have Leadership, Attack, Defense, and Politics stats, but the only one that matters for gathering is Politics. It flat out increases your gathering speed.

For this reason, it’s good to send generals with high politics stats. When you have a general you’d like to dedicate to gathering – you can level them up, give them stars, and save some gems by cultivating their Politics stat ONLY.

General Politics

Your general can wear gear that improves their gathering speed. All the best gear for this is King’s equipment. There are 3 pieces of equipment for each resource type. Stars will improve the built in speed.

You should read the King’s gear and see the gathering speed bonuses on them, and build towards what resource you’re interested in. This is what it looks like when you have a general geared for gathering.

Weapons, Helmets, and Leg Armor can be refined for gathering speed. King’s equipment can go up to 15% x4. Enhance what the item is already good at. So if the item is designed for Stone Gathering, then add Stone Gathering Speed.

For example, you can refine your King’s Sword and Fearless Hero Leg Armor for Stone Gathering Speed, and it will benefit you for as long as you play this game. Obviously you should prioritize the gear that you use the most. See this section of the general guide for more information on refining.

You can add Gathering Speed skill books to your general too. Pick 3 out of the 4 types. Check out the Skill Book section of my General guide for more information.

Some generals like Princess Lucy (15%) have gathering speed built in.

There is a useable item that gives you a 50% gathering speed buff for 24h.

Finally, you get a small bonus (25%) for being within hive of a Lv3 alliance.

And that’s pretty much it. Here’s a quick recap the potential sources of gathering speed:

  • Research (I count 180%)
  • Monarch Crystal (20-50% depending on level)
  • General Politics (up to 180%)
  • General Equipment (100-125% before refinements)
  • Equipment Refinements (45-60%)
  • General Skills (45%)
  • Gathering Speed Buff Item (50%)
  • Hive Bonus (25%)

Gathering Bonus Factors

Gathering Report

Remember how the report looked when we finished farming a tile with 4.6 million resources. We got extra!

The bottom portion of this report is obviously thanks to Queen Jindeok’s built in skill. I can’t stress enough how awesome this general is. She simply adds bonus resources on top of what you gathered.

The top part of the report comes from two places.

  • A monarch talent called Gathering Boost, available starting at monarch level 26
  • Korea sub-cities (see photo)
Korea Gathering Bonus

I personally consider Korea the best culture for subs. I would rather have white and green Korea than Blues and Purples of just about any other culture. Why? Because resources are the most important thing in the game. You never stop needing them. Korea subs significantly help you get more resources.

A lineup of Korea subs might easily be the difference between getting 150mil and 200mil resources per day.

More Tips and Tricks

Your monarch crystal can be switched around

The speed and time-to-finish are locked in when the general lands in the tile. You’ll receive the full benefit if you wear the proper crystal at the moment the general lands in the tile.

For example, if you are about to enter a farm tile, you can equip the food gathering speed monarch crystal. When they land in the tile, you can unequip the crystal, and the time-to-finish the tile will not change.

Then, you can switch to your stone crystal if you’re sending out to a stone tile. When it lands, you can take that off too.

If you have no troops being sent to gathering tiles, you can wear one of the production speed monarch crystals. Might as well!

You only need one set of equipment per resource.

Just like monarch crystals, these can be switched around. They only have an impact during the moment the general lands in the tile.

This means, for example, that you can equip your ore gathering equipment to someone and send them out. When they land, you can remove that equipment and put it on the next general you want to send to an ore tile. You can farm 5 ore tiles with 1 set of equipment if you want.

The details screen lies
Gathering Details

People sometimes like to pull this screen up and tell me that I’m wrong about monarch crystal or equipment switching.

It appears that the Gathering Speed displayed here changes when you remove your monarch crystal or equipment from the general who is inside the tile you’re examining.

But I’m right. And I call this the “Screen of Lies.” It’s a bad screen. It’s just shoddy programming.

Test it yourself like this if you want.

Go as if to send a march out to a tile, without the monarch crystal equipped. You’ll see a time, let’s say 2:14.

Back out of that, put on the crystal, and go to send the same thing to the same tile. You will see something less, like maybe 2:02.

Send the troops to the tile, and when it lands, look at the “march bar” to see how long the tile will take. It should say the same as what it said in the last step.

Gathering Marches

Finally, take off the monarch stone, and you’ll see that the above time won’t change. It won’t go back to 2:14 or anything else. It stays at 2:02.

Restart the game and the time still won’t change. It’s the true time. When your gatherers come in at the end of their shift, you will still get the full amount. The tile will be empty and gone.

This proves that the time-to-finish was decided when the general landed, and based on the monarch crystal you were wearing at the time.

Your fighting generals are among your best gatherers

Just because of their politics stat.

Is there any reason to be excited about Lucy’s +15% gathering speed boost when you have a general with 1000 politics? Check the cultivation screen. that’s probably +100% gathering speed.

Don’t get me wrong, Lucy is great. So is that Purple +15% Gathering Boost General you got for free when you started the game… But Politics is a huge factor.

Thing is, you can focus on increasing the politics of anyone, and when you focus on one stat it’s cheaper to cultivate them too. So I do recommend working on Lucy’s politics stat.

In the long run, you want 5 Jindeoks with max politics. Until you have that, you can make do with your best 5 politics generals.

Lv 14 tiles aren’t everything

They are definitely the best when you will be offline for a long period of time, like overnight.

If you’re the type of player who checks in frequently during the day though, they are not necessarily the best.

Gathering the resource itself is locked in at whatever your gathering speed is. You get a certain amount per hour, and the tile level you choose doesn’t change that.

You might have noticed that tiles drop more than just resources. There are bonus items too. Tiles Lv11-14 all drop pretty good items.

Lv11 and 12 drop spiritual beast exp. Lv13 and 14 drop monarch exp.

Edit: A few commentors have pointed out that base gathering speed is actually slightly higher for high level tiles. I didn’t even notice this! What I see in my game is a base speed of 226,000/h for lvl 12-14 and 222,000 for lvl 11.

It’s been suggested that base gathering speed comes from a combination of monarch level and tile level. From what I can tell, this seems right.

200-300mil resources per day??

Simple. Get your gathering speed up to the 1.7-2m range, by getting as much of this as possible:

  • Research (I count 180%)
  • Monarch Crystal (20-50% depending on level)
  • General Politics (up to 180%)
  • General Equipment (100-125% before refinements)
  • Equipment Refinements (45-60%)
  • General Skills (45%)
  • Gathering Speed Buff Item (50%)
  • Hive Bonus (25%)

Then multiply that with Gathering Bonus from Jindeok, the monarch talent, and Korea subs. This can let you, for example, go into a 7mil tile and bring back 15mil.

If you earn 3 million, per march, per hour… multiplied by 5 marches and 24 hours… That’s 360 million. You can join bosses or forget to send your gatherers for almost half of that and still reach 200mil.

Check out the gathering monarch event leaderboard next time. The top gatherers usually end up with about 25-30mil points, which translates directly to 250-300mil resources.

That could be you too. Every day.

76 replies on “The Complete Evony Gathering Guide”

It’s only missing the information, that different levels of tiles offer different base gathering speed (always in pairs: 14+13, 12+11, 10+9…). Not that it would make big difference 🙂

Never even realized this! Cool find.

When I try it, I get the same base speed for Lv12-14 – 226,000. Lv11 gives me 220,000.

Yeah, i checked now and they changed it. It’s not even paired now. Seems the speed is based on monarch level, each level adds 4k. And the tiles: 8 and 9 differ by speed of 2k, then it goes up by 4k. Level 12-14 has the same speed.

An excellent guide, thank you very much. I thought I knew it all about gathering but learned a few things.

I would like to see a bit of a rant about clearing tiles completely, please.

Thanks for creating this blog and providing this important information .…of course now I have concluded that I am the perfect example of what one should not do in this game…

Switching the monarch crystal after landing on the tile doesn’t actually work. I thought it did too and perhaps they changed this at some point. The display clock doesn’t change but this is deceiving. Look at the detail on the tile. The gathering speed changes.

Switching the equipment doesn’t work either. The speed is not locked in when you land on the tile. It changes the moment you remove the equipment. They just haven’t programmed the display clock to change.

I disagree, I think you have it backwards.

The programming error is in the fact that the speed shown on that info screen is wrong. It is based on your current gathering speed, not the gathering speed that was locked in when you landed in the tile.

I’m sure that landing in the tile is when everything is decided. You can easily test it. Even though the gathering speed appears to change…
1) The display clock doesn’t change
2) When the clock reaches 0:00 your troops come home
3) The tile will disappear and your troops will bring home all the resources, viewable in the gathering report.

I tried to cover this in the FAQ section near the end underneath “The details screen lies.” It’s a hard point to make though. I’ve gone through the same journey as you, and I used to think the gathering speed shown there was what we needed to focus on.

Interesting. I trust you but I’ll check and see if that is the case for me. Your 3) though is a bit curious considering this almost never happens. The tile doesn’t disappear. When the clock ends and the troops come home there are still resources remaining. This is a big gripe by a very large number of players. I was thinking the gathering speed and clock discrepancy had something to do with it but I didn’t test it. If you are right on that point then it is due to something else.

I just tested it. I removed monarch and general gear at 15 minutes before the end and with the clock at 7 minutes left the gathering party headed home. I’m not saying I am right but gathering is heading home early regardless. I just haven’t nailed down the reason.

I did a small scale test on a tile with 134.4K remaining and it occurred as you described. I wonder why on the longer timed full tiles they are always coming home with resources remaining on the tile.

I’ve run into this problem too and only recently figured it out. The default general that it wants to assign to your march probably has some added troop load. For me it’s a Scipio with a sword equipped.

It decides how many troops can clear the tile based on that troop load, so when you switch to your Jindeok or other gathering general, the troop amount will be wrong. Tap reset twice to let it pick some new troops for you.

Xyxcxyz. You are correct, it is screen of lies. I wish i would have read that 1 year ago. Will share this for sure. Excellent post.
What i did, i used a stopwatch & gather for 5 minutes exactly & dropping the crystal & the gear does not affect it. Now what i do is gather food & stone at the same time or lumber & ore as they do not share the same monarch gear. I also staggered them by a 1 minute to give me time to change the crystal.

I always add extra troops to try and make sure I have enough and they still come back early. Pretty much every time. Even if I add a lot of extra troops.

I did a longer test and based on the results you are right on both accounts. Thank you and please keep up the fantastic guide work.

I add troops manually, never happend. I finish the tiles if you add to Jindeok enough troops for that amount of tiles

I use to add them manually. I realize now all you have to do is hit reset and auto again once the Jindeok is selected and it will always select the right amount. Double tap and go.

Hmm. I expect troop load is calculated at the same time as gathering speed (when they land on the tile)… so you would have to forgo the gathering speed monarch gear.

I personally wouldn’t do it unless you’re extremely short on troops and trying to go offline for a long period of time like overnight

Absolutely true. I have no idea what I was thinking there haha.

The short answer I should have given is, troop load is good if you don’t have that many troops. When you get to a certain point you won’t need it anymore.

With the new champion armor set 10% resource gathering bonus, which is like an extra Korea sub, do you recommend using the campion armor and King’s weapon, or all of the King’s armor?

Hey, good spot!

There are several new interesting gathering sets that I should add into this guide.

One is the one you mention. Problem is that you need to wear all 4 pieces of it to get that benefit. But that would still be worth it when gathering when you’ll be offline for a while, like at bedtime. I have not tested if the bonus activates when you finish the tile, or when they land in the tile.

If we find out that the bonus activates when they finish the tile, then a new thing we’ll need to do is equip that gear onto generals as they finish tiles. Might be a free 500k-1mil resources every time you remember to do it.

On the other hand a few sets (Dragon and Trancendence) give you some gathering speed bonus when you wear 2 pieces. There’s absolutely no reason not to do this! Use the typical 3 gathering speed pieces, plus 2 Dragon if you have them, or Trancendence if you don’t.

If we have to choose, I would go with gathering speed during the day when I can easily resend back to tiles when they’re finished. Champion’s at night since I’m not waking up just for gathering.

My mistake. I forgot about the extra rss for the four pieces. I hate switching so much I don’t think I can personally handle taking advantage for the 4 piece set buff since it doesn’t outweigh replacing kings gear.

I tested this over the past few weeks and it appears that the bonus resource buff is applied as the troops leave the tile. The gear can be unequipped after that happens and placed on the next general who will return home.

I think relics are terrible compared to regular gathering. The only time they make sense is if you have to go offline for 3 days.

That’s kind of the idea. I’d like to send my farmers out somewhere on my main and alts before I go to bed and not have to worry about putting them on a tile again until I’m done with work the next day.

Excellent guide. One question that I haven’t found an answer to – why do resource tiles sometimes drop to half what they normally are? i.e. lvl 14 goes from 7 to 3.5 million? Is it something to do with SvS temples?

That’s an event. During special events like christmas, chinese near years, now valentines, etc. One of the benefits is improved gathering speed and bigger tile size. You can read through all the specifics in the event section.

There’s an added bonus now in Champion’s gear. Add two pieces of champion’s gear to the 3 main resource subtype gathering gear for an extra 10% gathering speed. At night, when speed does not matter, I use only the gathering weapon and 4 set champions gear….which adds an extra 10% of rss gathered!

You’re absolutely right. Actually both bonuses on champion gear are quite nice and there is a way to utilize both. I will add this to the guide when I get time.

1- Wear 2 pieces (for added % speed) along with your 3 kings gear when sending troops to the tiles. 2 dragon gear is better, but personally I don’t have a lot of extra dragon gear and I’m too lazy to manage and switch gear to that extent just for 5%.

2- Remove the kings gear and switch to 4 pieces of champion gear after they land in the tile.

Of course at night you only need to do number 2.

I’m rather new and trying to wrap my head around rss and specifically the warehouse. My current amount of food protected from troops is 31M and my Gathering Warehouse says 100B. I understand that the rss I gather are the first used when upgrading. My question: If I can only protect up to 31M from troop upkeep, what is the point of gathering more than that only to have gobbled up by my glutton troops?

What is the information that I’m missing to understand how to use gathering to accumulate all four rss, not leaving out Food because of upkeep? Thanks.

There is no point to holding more food than what gets protected by your warehouse. If you’re maxed out, don’t gather it. In higher levels you will have to rely on food boxes to achieve big upgrades, so try to hang onto those as much as possible.

As for the 100b gathering limit, that’s a different thing and I don’t think it really matters? It’s not possible to reach anywhere near that. I don’t know why it even exists

Some say we have to completely clear a tile to get new tiles on the map. Leaving a tile with few rss in it will limit the appearance of new ones.
Any opinion on it?

Thank you xyzc for this site
I learn much, now i take much more from every tiles. I really do 250 mil rss per day

I like using the three King’s gear pieces with two pieces of Dragons gear to speed up gathering. And THANK YOU for recognizing that gathering resources is really, really important! FYI, I own 7 Korean subs and I get back a little over 18 million from a level 14 tile in 4 hours PER MARCH. I can easily gather 500 million a day…and I don’t think many people realize how valuable that is. BTW, this is an EXCELLENT page and I’ve passed it on to many of my members

That’s awesome, thank you!

Totally agree and totally jealous of your daily amount. I’ve split my subs about 50% between Korea and Japan now… but still kinda wish pretty often that I was full Korea.

My family every time say that I am wasting my time
here at net, however I know I am getting know-how all the
time by reading thes pleasant articles or reviews.

Wonderful guide. From your answer above, it sounds like you get the Champion armor bonus as long as the armor set is in place before the gather is finished. Thus you switch from Kings armor to Champion during the gather. What a great idea.

As a minor question, was the 10% Mona Lisa gather speed and amount buff mentioned? Didn’t see it in your overall summary.

I just discovered an issue where the clock restarts based on a revalidation of all the gear currently in place. It happened before but I had no idea why but now I know for sure. Apparently if you add or “re-up” the 8 or 24 hour gathering speed buff the clock changes on every gatherer already on a tile based on the gear they are currently wearing and the monarch gear in place. Normally for me this isn’t an issue. I hate switching gear so I have a set for each one. But if I’m desperate for only one rss type I may switch for a while. I had 5 minutes left on an 8 hour clock and I was going to bed so I re-upped an 8 hour. All the clocks restarted.

Thank you
I read every day, almost.
I made huge mistakes in the beginning, if i read you before was better. Good job. Waiting for next advices

Hey, hope it fits here best, though it’s not about gathering but in-keep farming. Any suggestions on the composition of farms? especially concerning army camps. Some have just 1 and prefer to get more rss, some have 10. Just personal preference or any basic rules? Thanks

I prefer 1 army camp as well. When you can add higher level duty officers to troop production buildings, you’ll have plenty of training speed and capacity. Not worth giving up the free resources.

As for composition – I think the technically best thing to do would be to make 15 farms.

Why? Because farms give 33.3% more resources than everything else for some strange reason. The downside of course, is that when you have too much food it just gets wasted. But I think it can probably be managed carefully and the full benefit gained.

If you really don’t want food, then you could go 15 sawmills. The benefit of having 15 of something is that you can always wear the associated production monarch crystal as your default crystal.

The rest of the buildings don’t matter that much in my opinion. You pretty much need infinity amount of all resources, and you can focus your gathering on whatever you’re short of at any particular time.

Have you tried this? My game only allows me to have no more than 10 of any one type. Because of this I have 1 army camp, 10 farms, 10 mines, 5 quarry’s, and 4 sawmills. Is there a trick to getting more than 10?

First of all, thanks for your quick reply, appreciate it. Didn’t know about the increased farm production compared to the others. For the upkeep reason, I’ll personally will go with the sawmills. Gotta change a bit now, but your answer added some argument to my plan to change it to one army camp. Cheers

Thanks for your reply. Enforces me in my plan to also go with just one army camp and add some more farms. Will be sawmills for me though, too lazy to handle the food/upkeep problem 😉

Since the general consensus seems to be to not possess more food than can be protected in one’s warehouse from troop upkeep, I’ve been considering making all of my Jindeoks’ skill books be lumber/stone/ore and zero food skills. This seems reasonable because (currently) my in-city farms produce enough each day to max out my alliance warehouse’s daily storage limit as I save up for the next building or consumption event. An added benefit here is that the timing of every Jindeok’s march is more equal, allowing me to strategically time a 5x food march to arrive back home together (I use these 5x food marches just before I want to build something big to give me an extra boost of food). And non-food marches don’t need to be selective of which resource type they’re targeting, since all Jindeoks have all 3 remaining skills.

Does the skill book strategy I’ve outlined seem optimal to you? Or am I missing an important factor?

In the end (k33+, certainly by k35) you’ll want some Jins that can farm food too. Your warehouse gets quite large, especially with Shajar/research/monarch talent.

Food and stone are the resources that I seem to need all the time now. Iron and lumber were important early but less so lately.

By the way, your strategy there sounds interesting. More power to you for now. It’s easy to switch the skills someday if things change.

I find your guide very useful. You mention gathering speed buff items 50% but don’t give details – is that referencing the speed up item for gathering resource speed? I think that item helps tile speed and the alternate for farming speed up is for the in-city farms. During resource gathering competition, do you get credit for the amount produced by your in-city farms or just the amount gathered from tiles (I believe it is the latter).

There are separate monarch gear items for in-city farms (that’s aka resource production) and gathering.

For gathering day, only gathering count. Not production.

For gathering it’s just the amount you “gather” from resource tiles not “produce” from the keep (also does not include the alliance resource tile).
The 50% gathering items are king’s gear axe and sword only (whereas the bow and the spear are 25%)

Hi 😁
What do you think about 4pcs champion gear (+10% brought back) with the desired King’s weapon vs the 3pcs Kings gear? I’m currently testing this. I believe if you refine the weapon to within an inch of its life that it’s worth the drop in speed but that’s against if you didn’t refine the weapon in the first place, lol, so not sure obvs refining takes a while, so wondering if you had any insight? Am pulling in 69m points for rss gathering day but want faster and more to get to k35 and stack my city out 😂
Thanks 😁

You can do both!

If you really want to manage it, you can send them to the tile wearing the 3 speed equipments, and switch them into champions gear while they’re inside the tile. You’ll get all possible benefits of both methods that way.

If you want to make things easier on yourself and not micromanage so much, exactly what you suggested sounds pretty good.

Great information!! Really appreciate it…

Is there a trick to gathering gems or simply just wear the gear you would for mining ore?

No trick to gathering gems other than a bit of research. I think it takes too long and isn’t really ever worth it.

Hello. I can finish level 14 tile in 4 hours when it has 3.5 million resources but it takes 8 hours to finish it when it has 7 million resources. Do you know why that happens? The gathering event description says that both the amount of resource and the gathering speed are doubled. I’m confused.

It does not say gathering speed is doubled. It says increased by 50% which is quite different.

Your gathering speed may already be 250% or more for a given resourece, and so this would only make it 300%. A decent upgrade, but nothing close to being twice as fast.

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