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The Ultimate Evony Battle Guide: Part 2 – Tactics

The more action-oriented half of the battle guide, full of battle tactics and tricks.

Part 1 was focused on understanding and preparing for battle.

This is Part 2. It is the more action-oriented half of the battle guide, full of evony battle tactics and tricks.

Table of Contents:

  1. General Tips (Coming Soon)
  2. Server War
    1. Gathering Intel
    2. Scoring Points
    3. SvS Tactics Playbook
  3. Battle of Constantinople (Coming Soon)
  4. Battle of Guagamela (Coming Soon)

General Battle Tips

Coming soon…

Server War

Server war is undoubtedly one of the most exciting events in this game. It occurs every other weekend and lasts for 48 hours. Two servers face off, and the server that scores the most points in 48 hours wins.

It’s similar to “Kill Event” within your own server, but with a few key differences:

  1. Everyone on your server, including and especially other alliances, should be treated as an ally.
  2. Hospital capacity is increased 50%.
  3. The Holy Palace will not be utilized.
  4. Dead troops go into a new area of the hospital and can be revived. The first 100k are revived with resources. After that, they will be revived with Sources of Life. The more times you revive, the more it will cost.
  5. Players can travel to the opposing server using 4 free Server Teleports, or when those run out, Gems.
  6. While on the opposite server, a player’s city’s appearance will change. It becomes a black castle and stands out very much from ordinary cities.
  7. When players are go to the opposite server, they will get a temporary truce bubble that lasts 5 minutes. As usual, it will drop when scouting or attacking.
  8. Players cannot use truce bubbles on an opposing server, making it a very dangerous place to visit.

Gathering Intel

Spotting Skilled Players

Head into the Server War Event, and you’ll find an area to check the Rankings of the Enemy Server.

Enemy Server Rankings

My personal favorite thing to look at is the General Ranking. Every time we match an enemy server, I like to see who has the strongest generals. During the war, if I see an active enemy player, I look for theirs on the rankings.

By looking at another player’s generals, you can get a pretty good sense of their threat level. Their equipment and refines are visible. The skill books they chosen to add are visible (and sometimes reveal they don’t know what they’re doing).

Perhaps the most essential thing for me is, looking for a player’s defense general. A proper defense general makes a huge difference when deciding to attack at the K32+ level. If I see a K32, 150-200m level player with Tran/Joseph with the proper skillset including ranged+siege added range, I’m not hitting that person unless they have a march out.

On the other hand, if I see a 200m player without siege+range bonus rage, or incorrect equipment, that player is an easy target and I will hunt them.

Identifying Enemy Visitors

There is actually a way to, in real time, see exactly who is visiting your server. Even without knowing their physical location.

Starting from the same screen as the last tip… Follow the menus from Alliance Power Ranking, through to an enemy alliance member list.

If an enemy is visiting your server, their photo will have a special icon right here (second picture, green circle) that looks like golden swords.

It’s as simple as that. Scroll through enemy alliance member lists and look for golden swords. If you find somebody, let your alliance or your server world chat know right away.

From this member list screen, you can also click through to individual members and Locate Coordinates to quickly find their physical location with an Arrest Warrant.

Scoring Points

Safe and Easy Methods
Fairies and Ares Statues

Ares statues pop up every 4 hours. Fairies are always available. You simply scroll around the map and search for them, and share with teammates.

On your server, statues are worth 100000 and fairies are 1500 points.

On the enemy server, statues are 160000 and fairies are 2400 points.

Bubbled Enemy Server Visits

In addition to ares statues and fairies, you can also kill bosses on the enemy server for a pretty decent amount of points.

Server War Boss Scores

A great move is to identify an Ares statue on the enemy server along with a few bosses at the level you can kill. Bookmark them all and make a round trip. Could easily gain 500,000 to 1,000,000 points in a single trip this way.

You MUST be back on your own server before your 5 minute bubble is up. It’s very likely someone on the enemy server will notice you within 5 minutes and be ready to attack you the moment your bubble drops. Some people like to set a 4 minute timer in real life. I think that’s smart.

PvP Method

Kill (or wound) enemy troops. It’s fun! Here is what that’s worth:

Server War Troop Scores

You can do the math. It’s a lot of points.

If you killed for instance 300,000 T11 troops, which is on the low end of what a K27-29 might have, that would be worth 11,400,000 points. Just for one single attack.

Two other interesting things:

Whenever you kill enemy troops, they’re kill some of yours back. So, you have to evaluate the exchange in terms of the difference. If you gain 11,000,000 points while losing 4,000,000 in the same attack, that’s a net positive of 7,000,000 to your server. The more decisive the victory, the better for the server, and you personally due to less healing and reviving. Get as strong as you can and pick your battles wisely.

Notice the point imbalance for what troops are worth compared to how strong they are. T9 troops are worth about half the points of T13 troops.

50m power of T10s are worth significantly points more than 50m power of T13s… and they are much, much easier to kill. Keep an eye out for lower keep levels with a lot of troops and power. They are the juiciest targets.

Inadvisable Methods
Conquering Temples
Server War Temple

Don’t try to take enemy server temples. They are barely worth any points and it’s so risky. Even if you know how to ghost.

If you occupy the temple with a march worth 5,000,000 power, then the timer will start to count and you will gain 150 points per second.

In other words, you risk losing an army worth almost 5,000,000 points in order to get 500,000 per hour. Why do this?? You will lose that march. It’s not that hard to catch your march.

There is really only one person who can take temples solo, and that would be the K35 with the strongest march out of either server. They can put in their best march and gain 1,000 points per second. In theory, nobody can challenge them alone, except maybe someone with a perfect counter march (ie. full ground against ranged/siege). Other than that, they just have to be cautious of rallies, which give more of a warning and time to react.

Then again, doesn’t the biggest player usually have better ways they could spend their time and earn even more points?

SvS Tactics Playbook

Bubble Watching

Team up with your server to scan the enemy server for hives. Bookmark them all. If you get desperate, you can arrest warrant players from an alliance to find their hive.

Enemy Bookmarks

Then, look at their hives every so often. Cycle through them on the world map. Have people from your alliance help as well. The more often you look at hives, the more likely you’ll see a fresh bubble drop.

You will get to know which players have had their bubbles down for ages and which ones are fresh. If you see a fresh bubble drop, go take it down, or point it out to somebody else who can. Don’t forget to ghost and scout in case it’s a trap!

Hunting + Chasing With Arrest Warrants

This is a method for following somebody who has just teleported as fast as possible. It is best utilized when an enemy visits your server – and you know that you can attack and crush their city. (Remember to check their defense general if it might be a close call)

Two Device Method – This is super fast. With your main device, load up the profile of the person you want to chase and get ready to hit Locate Coordinates. With your other device, just watch them. As soon as they disappear, Locate Coordinates, teleport-chase them, and hit them. You might be able to get there in under 4 seconds. Even if they are really good, that is probably only enough time for them to ghost 1 march at best.

Evony Locate Coordinates

One Device Method – Not as fast as two devices, but not bad. The fastest method I’ve found for chasing somebody with one device is through the block list. Block the player and watch them. When they teleport, quickly go through the Menus: (…) > Friends > Blacklist > Click through to their profile and Locate Coordinates.

Evony Blacklist

Sometimes players overestimate their own sneakyness and think nobody is watching them. They teleport around hitting tiles or keeps – not intending to stay long… just a minute or two…. maybe only a few seconds past their 5 minute bubble. These players are easy prey.

Other players are good. After they attack something, they ghost. Then they teleport to another place, attack, and ghost. The thing is, right after they teleport, they will not be ghosted until they set it up again which takes at least a few seconds.

That’s why teleport chasing works.

Active Baiting

This would be anytime your trick somebody into dropping their bubble, while having a big teammate ready to swoop in and nail them.

Some ideas for tricking people on the enemy server to hit you…

  • Ghost, and send 1 troop into a temple
  • Ghost and start randomly scouting people
  • Pretend like you are overstaying a 5 minute bubble, but ghost just before it falls
  • Send a very small amount of troops to kill tiny monsters, redcaps, etc.
  • Send a very small amount of troops at long distances to hit low level subs.
  • Basically just act like you’re dumb and an easy target.
Passive Baiting

This would be filling up a teammate of yours with reinforcements, and having them intentionally drop their bubble.


  • Fill them up before the bubble drops, so that the enemies won’t see troops heading to reinforce
  • Don’t reinforce with cavs (they die to archers too easily and might give the enemy a positive score even if they get tricked)
  • Make sure the player is online and ready to bubble in case of a rally.

Advanced Tactic:

Going to the enemy server as a group, and quickly filling up a the “bait” player who is meant to be noticed with off-screen reinforcements. Then have them act like a dummy, trying to occupy temples and stuff like that.

Obviously the non-bait players will need to ghost, or be too strong to attack outright.

Battle of Constantinople

Coming soon…

Battle of Guagamela

Coming soon…

26 replies on “The Ultimate Evony Battle Guide: Part 2 – Tactics”

also waiting patientlyish for the boc/bog guide. Came here to check to see if it was up. wondering if troops killed in SVS that are in hospital need to be healed to join the battlefield?

They don’t need to be revived before you can join battlefield.

And thanks for the interest! I’d love to continue with the guides, I just need to get off my butt and do it. Soon!

What server do you play on? I’m on 333. If it weren’t for my alliance I’d have switched servers a long time ago.

I would like to know if we are matched for BOG and BOC based off of who is entered to participate in these events or based on alliance power. Anyone know?

I doubt anybody knows for sure, but I personally suspect it’s purely based on wins/losses and a matchmaking rating – similar to what is used in Chess and many other games.

I don’t think alliance power or players selected is a factor

Taking temples during svs: Say an enemy takes a temple and starts the clock. They then recall and the clock stops. We dont take it back so their name remains. Can another enemy player enter that temple and start the clock again or does it have to be the original occupier?

recently towards the end of a kill event I hadn’t realized the my bubble had dropped I was attacked by another player I had so many wounded and not enough resources to heal them all, i noticed some of them were able to be recalled I had the proper amount of horns and used them but nothing happened none of them came back anywhere. Help what did I do wrong. thank you, Ladytank

Doesn’t sound like you did anything. They should come back. Sometimes there is lag.

Make sure to check the second holy palace screen (where you can do revivals)

Great job! I really love the tactics in this game, makes a huge difference!
Looking forward for BoC/BoG!

Taking temples during SvS is less risky if you have a very strong general. i.e A 5M power general can get the clock running with a single T1 troop.

100% true, and something I didn’t realize when I first wrote the section. It’s badly in need of an update.

The hospital doesn’t need to be maxed to use the svs life crystals? I was under the impression that you can only use the source of life if the hospital is max capacity. Only the first 100,000 troops need to be healed…. Can you confirm that I’m understanding this correctly.

Could you explain a bit more about defense? During the last BoC I faced a K33 with arch/cavs/ground/siege XIII & XII around 700/800k each, although really big numbers in lower level (I remember 1M tier III ground!!!). I did attack him with my archer march to damage him (end of the battlefield, job done already) and… My attack was a joke, wiped. My archer configuration is similar to the one you explain, a preset size of 1.6M with the buff, so 600/700 XIII and XII.

Thanks in advance, this guide is just the best, made me really be focus and made my alliance grow a lot.

They can be hit. I don’t believe they count for points, or its a very very minimal amount if they do. Points are based on troop tier after all. Enemy would be better off spending those few seconds hitting a boss monster for points.

Hello these are great guides. Are you planning on adding any information you have gained with regards to rallying? Thanks

I’m not the most knowledgeable on that subject, and I’ve been a bit lazy about writing more content too.

The basics are, you want to rally with all the same troop type. Everyone sending archers, or mounted, or siege.

Then consider every troops purpose. If you expect to zero a player entirely, you want to send archers. If you think it will take multiple hits, you want to send archer to clear mounted, then mounted+ground or straight ground to finish.

If the player is super gigantic crazy, I have heard you may want to lead with a siege rally to focus enemy siege. This is beyond my pay grade though.

Hi xyxcxyz!

I am looking for a very specific piece of information on simultaneous attacks. Would you mind reaching out to me via email? I would greatly appreciate any guidance you can afford. We have a well funded player trying to terrorize an entire young server.

I don’t know if I’m the one with your answer… If you try here in the comment section, sometimes others will help when I cannot.

Feel free to mail me in game by the way. Xyxcxyz[coffee cup emoji]

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